Four Elements: The Story of Our Creation

The Universe as well as all the living creatures has been created with the combination of the Four elements. The mixing of different ratio of these Four Elements formed new species. In other words, a particular species is the name of the combination of the Four Elements in a specific ratio. These commonly and universally known Four Elements are:

  1. Fire
  2. Air
  3. Water
  4. Earth

These Four elements have physical and chemical properties. Each of the Four elements are specially associated with three physical properties only. The following is the list of physical properties of the Four elements:

  1. Physical Properties of Water
    1. Flow
    2. Wetness
    3. Adopts the respective shape of the container
  2. Physical Properties of Fire
    1. Heat
    2. Light
    3. Ability and effort to make everyone alike
  3. Physical Properties of Earth
    1. Immobility
    2. Gravitational Pull
    3. Variety
  4. Physical Properties of Air
    1. Omnipresence
    2. It cannot be seen
    3. Continuity

The sum of physical properties of the Four elements is twelve. Anyhow, it is necessary to briefly explain the twelve physical properties before deriving some conclusions.

  1. Flow of WATER

This is the primary attribute of Water. No matter how much lesser it is in quantity, it always tends to be in flow. If this flow gets the power then it overpowers everything that comes in its way and causes massive destruction. It is a common observation that even a drop of Water cannot remain immobile and prefers to flow.

In Shariah the stationary Water is considered to be impure. The stationary water in the ponds and open spaces is forbidden for ablution and bathing etc. Other than that the Water in rivers, riverbed, streams and springs is considered to be pure because of the consistent flow. Becasue of the same reason the stationary Water in the bladder called urine and the Water in seminal vesicle called semen are also considered impure, as soon as any one of them or both touches body, clothes etc., therefore considered unclean.

In the context of the discussion it is appropriate to divulge the story of Adam (A.S) and Eve. When Adam and Eve were in Heaven, they were told to move around in the three directions and were prohibited from going in the fourth specific destination. But Satan misled Adam (A.S) by telling him that he had become immovable and stationary, thus impure, and persuaded him to become mobile, independent and adopt the attribute of flow to achieve eternity. Adam (A.S) fell in the snare and left immovability for the path of flow. As a result of that, he got eternity but lost cloths to the extent that the leaves of trees were required to cover the privities ordained by Shariah. Although, this process of flow made Adam in to  Safi Ullah (A.S), but in the broader spectrum his action was not only unnatural but unwanted too. Reason being this resulted in to his descent to Earth leaving all at Heaven.

Still, to this date the human beings have been repeating that unnatural act of Adam (A.S) and receiving eternity but at the cost of Heaven. Adam (A.S) was in fact prohibited from going in the direction of flow in Heaven but he fell in the snare of Satan and left immobility. The Adam who was stationary and immobile by nature followed the unnatural way of flow and was deprived of Heaven. It must have been the consideration of immobility as something impure and the effort to become pure which lead Adam (A.S) to this unnatural path.

It is an undeniable fact that every beginning is indebted to flow and not permanence. Heaven is not the beginning but an end that is why there will be eternalness and no flow. In comparison to Heaven, the world is dependent on flow and in fact the permanence here looks unnatural.

But, if today any one from the mankind adopts the path of immovability then he may transform in to the most righteous person – the most perfect form of mankind, who will not only be pure but a proof of extensive purification (Yu-Tahiru-kum Tat-heera).

The flow of water is always from top to bottom. Since water travels from top to bottom, it has the knowledge of all the elevations in advance. It keeps on flowing endlessly, from here to there and there to here. Its main aim is constant motion and its purpose is shaping, creating and action in a formative way. This flow is a joy and one should not make an effort to stop it in anyway.

2.   The Wetness of Water

Water is considered to be the basis of existence. Without Water the concept and idea of life is out of question. Regardless of the quantity of water, if same thing comes in contact, it visibly gets soaked and in that process Water loses its quality and identity. Water is least bothered about losing its identity, its only concern is to affect things and to be beneficial for everyone; even if water itself ceases to exist. It is indeed a sign of distinction.

To make some sculpture, shape and statue the clay or any other material should be completely soaked with Water. If the clay will not be properly soaked then it will be impossible to make anything from the clay or any other material. The clay, which looks immobile and has no shape of its own, when merges and unites with Water gets a distinct shape, and with the blessings of Almighty it also gets the power to speech. (agar Fazal-e-Khudawandi shamil ho jaye toh aik nafakh se nataq ban jaata hai)

Water wets everything without any prejudice and it wets according to the capacity of the object. Cotton will get more wet than the iron. It wets iron but it does not dissolve in it, on the other hand it dissolves completely in the clay. Water works under laws and regulations of the Nature and does not act on its own. It will make an impact on the material or individual but without changing its shape or form. A hen will remain hen, a parrot will remain parrot and a man will remain a man. To get benefit from Water is largely dependent upon the ability of the object.

Water will never try to make the object wet forcefully and the objects that do not allow absorption in them, it will simply wet the outer parts and be content with that. It does not unnecessarily endure to unite with the object. But those objects which give way to the Water, it courteously reaches deep down their Inner self (Batin) and deeply soaks each and every part.

3. The Adoption of the Shape of Container by Water

This is a distinct and worth mentioning attribute of Water. No matter what kind of container it is, Water inhabits in it i.e. Water does not possess any particular shape. Water becomes a body that we can define only after it is being captured in some kind of container. We cannot raise Water to our lips without the container. If it is in sea, it will take the shape of sea; while in rivers and ponds, it will adopt their shape. So much so that if Water is poured even in the smallest things like glass, etc. it will immediately adopt their shape. This action is so instant that it feels like that Water was never separate from the container.

It is noteworthy that once Water adopts the shape of the container it becomes indifferent about its own state and gives a feeling that it has been inhabitant of this particular container for ages. And if the size of the container is small then Water even abandons its attribute of flow and becomes stationary just like container. But as soon as the Water is being poured from one container to the other, it immediately assumes all of its other properties, flow and wetness, and become positioned in the new container.

Another important aspect of Water is that it will remain positioned in two different containers for ages by adopting their respective shape. Even after a century if you combine the Water of these two containers, they will merge and gel together as if they were never separate from each other. Also it will be impossible to find out which Water belonged to which container. This means that Water never forgets its own self and as soon as it sees a similar self, it merges together.

Water has no intention to maintain its own self; rather its desire is to acquire the shape of the other as soon as it gets the chance to do so. Even though Water adopts the form of the other entity but it never makes an effort to give the object its own form. This quality makes Water selfless.

Air has existed from the very beginning and it will remain till the end and even after that, it has the knowledge of every end. Similarly, water has the information about all elevations (Latafat) and only Air and water possesses this quality amongst the four elements of life. If there is a life after the end of the time and there was life before the beginning then Water too existed and will keep on existing. Fire and Earth will cease to exist but Air and Water will not.

4. The Heat of Fire

The heat is a mean to transfer energy from a high point to the lower point. This is the most common use of Fire. Whether warmth is required during the cold weather, to cook some food, to convert gold in to pure gold, to make bricks from clay etc.; fire is the source for all these functions.

The sun is one of the primary sources of heat and omits it on regular basis across the globe. The sun not only transmits heat but also transfuses energy and vitamins in the human body. In the extreme cold weather Fire provides much relief because the heat keeps the human body warm thus saving from a lot of pain. This property of heating is used to make things better and pure.

We all know that heat is an important and necessary component of Fire. If the warmth cannot be felt then it cannot be called Fire. Everyone has either seen or experienced the generation of heat during the process of burning. It is a fact that all the creations and insects of the world are all afraid of Fire and they tend to run away from it. The one factor that compels them to run away is the heat and warmth of Fire.

Heat is a temperature and every object in this universe requires a certain temperature, whether movable or immovable, all kinds of creations can stand Fire up to a certain limit. If their exposure exceeds that limit then either they will burn to ashes or convert in to Fire. For example, there is a temperature for the burning of plastic and wood, the temperature for the melting of iron, the temperature for the evaporation of water, the temperature for the burning of mankind etc.; all of these temperature are different and distinct.

If the heat is not there, you cannot call it Fire and it will be unnatural. When the Fire was ordered to turn cold for Prophet Ibrahim (A.S), it meant that the Fire should convert in to its opposing nature i.e. not to remain Fire. It proves that there is no concept of Fire in cold. It is imperative to mention here that the Fire was not only ordered to become cold for Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) but it was also asked to have tranquility. Because it was quite possible that Fire would have frozen in the process of becoming cold, to remain as painful as the heat.

It is pertinent to mention here that minus temperature is nothing but heat. The water systems run on the basis of heat. The Fire as heating source is used for hoards of other purposes as well and it works according to a process.

5. The Light of Fire

The second physical property of Fire is that it provides light and it is commonly believed as the first source of its recognition as well. The use of Fire as a source of light goes back to the days of cavemen. They used to light Fire by brushing together two pieces of stone; this is arguably the oldest and natural source of light on the face of the world. With the evolution of mankind, now there are matches, lighters, candles and bulbs etc for the purpose of lighting. Light can be seen from a certain distance. Normally in the case of a big Fire one can only see smoke but it can also be considered as light because it gives the indication that something is burning. Fire is the biggest source of natural light, if you will move far away from it you will be deprived and if you will get too close to it then it will become dangerous. Light enables you to easily distinguish between lots of things.

The light in terms of traits has various denotations; one is that wherever the light reaches, it reveals everything; secondly light is also used for the purpose of setting direction like in the light houses or in the dark and gloomy night, the light of the stars and moon makes the identification of direction possible.

If light emerges from one corner in an area covered with darkness, that particular point/place becomes the center of attraction for everyone because of the illumination. The one who is sitting close to the light can see everything crystal clear and bright. This light not only brightens up the outer world but it also illuminates the person from inside. Knowledge has the similar attribute; its light not only lightens up the world but the inside of the human as well. This knowledge distinguishes him from the rest. That is why light is also the name of the journey from ignorance to attaining knowledge and it has also been verified by the Holy Quran. This factor gives prominence to the importance of Fire. But one should never forget that there is a difference between luminosity and Noor.

6. Ability and Effort of Fire to make Everyone Alike

Fire because of its heat, warmth and pride always tries to burn and make anything that comes under its nose alike. Any object that makes contact with Fire, gets overwhelm because of this ability of Fire. Whether it is a piece of paper or an iron rod, Fire burns them all. The object which burns, first gets overpowered by Fire, then turns in to Fire and changes its form.

Wherever the Fire blows up, it turns the material to ashes; be it the forest, wood, clothes, paper or anything of the same kind. The Fire leaves absolutely nothing of the material. Even the biggest of buildings, air planes, ships come down to ashes once they catch Fire.

The wish of Fire is to take control of everything and to reign over all that is around it by expanding. In other words, it is difficult for Fire to bear dissimilar things and objects. We all commonly use this proverb that ‘Fire does not favor anyone’, Fire has no regard for anyone; it just tries to burn everything and uses all its power to achieve the target.

The word Sal ( ) means Fire in Arabic language. And in English Fire is the heat and light energy released during a chemical reaction, in particular a combustion reaction. Depending on the substances and any impurities within, the color of the flame and the fire’s intensity might vary. Fire in its most common form can be highly destructive in its very nature, and has the potential to kill and harm through burning. Sal ( ) is part of the complete word Salaa’t (prayer) and perform the same chemical reaction within the body and as a result positive energies are released. So this Sal in the word Salaa’t effectively helps in getting over all the wrong doings prohibited in Islam.

It has been observed that it is only Water which is a cause of concern for Fire. In fact, it is only Water which defuses the flaring Fire. That is why the major thing that can overwhelm and subdue Fire is Water. If it is greater in quantity then it ceases the Fire and if it is in a smaller quantity then it evaporates and flies way above the Fire. In any case Fire just cannot arrest and seize Water. It is also a fact that the continuity of water is because of Fire.

7. Immobility of Earth (clay)

The earth cannot become mobile on its own, which is why it is counted in the category of immobility. It cannot move from one place to another without the use of external force. It requires force to become mobile and this force is not its own, the movement is always because of a second entity. This second entity makes the Earth mobile and moves it from one place to another. Even if Earth wants to move, it cannot do so because it is motionless by nature. The appropriate example of this can be the clay mountains around the world, they all have remained stationary for ages and not moved an inch unless otherwise. Also after digging of the Earth, the piles of clay are moved through cranes or spades and are taken away from that particular place to the other in trawlers.

Because of this immobility one cannot associate a particular shape with Earth. It is hard to even guess what shape it will adopt, on which side it will bend and at what time and place. The big mountains and the small stones are the factual explanation of this.

Because of this attribute of immobility, the Earth plays the role of container and a place for the whole Universe or at least this world which is naturally possible. From the very Beginning, Earth has been the place/container for the seas and springs, for fire in the shape of volcanoes, and the entire flora, fauna and the animals etc. in the shape of bearing their burden. The natural calamities and evils for example rain, extreme warmth and cold, lightning and the heavenly bodies etc. become the cause for the minor and major changes in the immobility of Earth.

Sometimes the mechanical methods are also used in order to bring a change in the immobility of Earth, for example, rivers, dams and the ponds which are artificially built to store Water, the digging of the earth for the purpose of exploration of minerals etc., the use of dynamites to construct highways on mountains. But in all of these cases the change in immobility is temporary and after the end of these natural and artificial calamites the Earth will once again become immobile, quiet and stationary. In short this immobility is the nature of Earth and it will remain as such.

8. Gravitational Pull of Earth

When the clay combines together in certain quantity or more than that, then a trait become visible i.e. to pull all the creations towards it. It accepts everything from a specific distance and if anything tries to get closer than that, the clay pulls it with such a force that it may cause harm. So, the strength with which one object pulls the other will be the gravity of that object. In the same context love and hatred both are the gravitational forces but the only difference is that one is of attraction and the other one is of repulsion.

The balance is there because of the gravitational force of Earth. It is the force that has kept things going or otherwise everything would have been falling down. We walk on Earth because of this gravitational push. Every time we jump up, the gravitational force pulls us down or else we would all be floating in the atmosphere. Every time you drop a book, toss a ball in the air and step on scale etc. the gravity will be at work. It has a constant presence in our lives, so much so that we seldom marvel it. The Earth reacts with the same amount of force as used by us while doing an action. It is because of this gravitational force of Earth that we see the sun, moon and the stars in the sky and not falling upon us.

Even though Earth, Moon, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Sun etc. are all formed with clay but all of them have a gravitational pull of their own. It is believed that the gravity of Moon is 1/6th times lesser than Earth. Another opinion is that this gravitational pull is directly related with the particles of Iron. So, the greater the quantity of Iron in the clay, the greater will be the gravitational pull and vice verse. It is quite possible that the quantity of Iron on Moon is less as compared to Earth, which has the greater amount of gravitational force in comparison with the solar system.

The weight of an object is based on its pull; the objects that pull clay with a lesser force will have lesser weight whilst the objects that pull clay with a greater force will have more weight. In other words weight, burden and mass of anything on clay is because of its trait of gravitational pull.

9. Variety of Earth

There is nothing in the world which possesses as much variety as the element Earth. This is the reason it has been used in the creation of all the forms and faces of living beings. The varieties are countless starting from the number of species, bacteria, insects, animals, birds and human beings. No limit has been assigned to the creation of types and number of faces is possible because of this attribute of Earth. We can make handful of faces and forms with the help of clay and it would still possess the ability to create more new faces.

The scientific explanation of this can be that the particles of all kinds of minerals like iron, copper, silver, gold, platinum etc. and hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and their various amalgamations are present in Earth. It has been proven by research that all of these minerals are appropriate for the growth. So the different compositions of these different particles in varied ratio can create several kinds of faces and things.

One another feature of this variety is the many countenances of human body so much so that no one bears a complete resemblance with each other. This fact has been recognized by the medical sciences as well. This is not limited to the human faces only, the finger prints of hands of one person is different from the other, in such a way that they are identifiable through their respective finger prints. It is believed that there is a possibility that after thirty two (32) generation, any two people could have similar finger prints but it is nothing more than an assumption. As long as the variety of clay has no limit it is not even remotely possible that finger prints will ever become identical.

Other than that clay is also used for pottery and that too of many shapes and sizes; oval, round, rectangular, triangle, pots, jugs, vessels, vases, saucers and many more. The beauty of clay is that whatever shapes you wish, it will assume that. People have created wonders with clay. From prehistoric times, clay has been indispensable in architecture, in industry, and in agriculture. As a building material, it is used in the form of brick, either sun-dried (adobe) or fired. Earth also has a great industrial importance, e.g., in the manufacturing of tile for wall and floor coverings, of porcelain, china, and earthenware, and of pipe for drainage and sewage. Highly absorbent, bentonite is much used in foundry work for facing the molds and preparing the molding sands for casting metals. The less absorbent bentonites are used chiefly in the oil industry, e.g., as filtering and deodorizing agents in the refining of petroleum and, mixed with other materials, as drilling mud to protect the cutting bit while drilling. Other uses are in the making of fillers, sizing, and dressings in construction, in clarifying water and wine, in purifying sewage, and in the paper, ceramics, plastics, and rubber industries.

10. Omnipresence of Air

Omnipresence is a very famous property of Air. It is always present with a remarkable continuity and never ceases to exist. Air is present in minutest areas as well as in the humungous horizons. As a matter of fact, Air will never make a space forcefully for its continued existence; it will wait until the vacuum is created. Leave an empty space and Air will come in it. As soon as the jug gets empty the Air takes over the empty place and vice versa. It just come and fills the empty space around us, once the space is occupied, the Air will disappear. When you sit on an empty chair, a sound comes which is either too low to be heard or otherwise, depends largely on the sitting speed, the sound is of the Air leaving that particular place. The sound of clapping originates because the Air leaves the space between our hands. The blistering sound that airplane makes during the flight is because it fills in the empty space, and since Air cannot be present anywhere except for the unfilled space so, as soon as this gets filled Air leaves and object comes in place, resultantly a sound is created. Whether we feel it or not is a separate question, but it is a fact that it is present everywhere and everyplace, conceivable or inconceivable.

Even if there is nothing in the universe, the Air will be present and it feels like Air definitely existed when nothing else was. It can be assumed that among all the possibilities Air was the first one. The requirement of Air by every creation and species for their very existence and survival is a noticeable proof of that. Life cannot exist without breathing for more than few countable minutes; in short there is no concept of life without Air.

Air will definitely be present in the Heaven, the place of eternal life, and will be the assurance of continuity of life. As much as the presence of Air is necessary for the blazing of Fire, it is also necessary for subsistence of the Hell fire. The Air was present when the Hell was created and it has been continuously providing the subsistence and stability to Hell and will keep on doing that in the future as well.

It can be said that Air has made finishing the life simpler for the Creator of the Universe.  As soon as the Air will stop, the concept of life will cease to exist. Even the Heaven and Hell will either elapse or will definitely convert in to ruins if there is no Air.

11. Air cannot be Seen

Air cannot be seen because it has no specific shape and substance. The men of wisdom can definitely sense the evidence of its presence around them, otherwise it is not possible. In respect of exclusivity it is good that Air has no substance and shape, otherwise it would have caused a lot of damage because of its omnipresence. Had it got substance then there was a possibility that a randomly turning individual would have crashed in to Air and struck badly in the process.

It is worth mentioning that the windstorm we often see is in reality nothing but the dust particles that either start moving, or comes under the influence of the change in Air, on the basis of physical and natural effects. On the other hand, if Air alters its position with the same speed at an appropriate distance above the surface level of Earth then there will be no windstorm, because at that level the dust particles cannot be influenced.

Although Air cannot be seen, cannot be smelled, tasted and heard but the function of all the five senses is dependent on the presence of Air. Whether it is the sound waves or the gust of fragrance, Air carries them all to their desired places but remains separated. We can say that Air works as great carrier and charges no fee for this service and holds no favors. Air just silently keeps on doing what it does the best i.e. to drive the system of the Universe.

12. The Continuity of Air

This is one another beautiful and unique attribute of Air, that there is never a break or discontinuity. The Air which is omnipresent and cannot be seen also has a specific continuity and harmony. From the nether regions to the highest heaven, from east to west and south to north there is a continuity of Air and this is such a normal act which does not break and cannot be seen.

The physical bodies and materials might cause a superficial holdup in its continuity but upon deliberation this also looks impossible. No break can come in its continuity. For example, the buildings on Earth apparently look like breaking the continuity of Air but where the elevation of the building ends, the continuity of Air is constant. Where there will be no wall in the building, windows and skylight, the continuity of Air will be present.

Similarly, the sun, moon, earth and stars do give a feeling that there is a holdup in the continuity of Air but in reality they are incapable of causing that. In their environs Air has continued existence just like it is possible in the case of few balls on the river.

One another greatness of this continuity is that wherever you go Air will be present along with its qualities and they will remain the same regardless of the place and continent. There is practically no way to break the continuity of Air.

According to the common observation, Water has the tendency to break the stability of Earth and sometime Earth breaks the continuity of Water, a planet discontinues till the other the planet e.g. there is a definite and visible discontinuity between Earth and Moon. All the other elements have the factor of breakage and discontinuity but it is not possible in the case of Air and to even think that is unbelief.

The Inferences from the Brief Narration


Moving forward, some inferences will be derived from the above narration for clarity and better understanding of this article. For now these inferences will be for each of the Four elements and later on their combinations will be discussed to ponder more on the subject.

Inferences concerning Water


If we briefly look at whatever has been written with reference to Water, we would know that the three basic physical properties i.e. flow, wetness and the ability to take the shape of the container gives prominent status to Water. Because of the flow, Water never gets unclean and impure. Water is not accounted for the ability to wet others as it loses its total self, in that particular portion in such a way that it cannot be blamed. And the capacity to instantly take the shape of the container proves the selflessness and extreme humbleness of Water.

The flow is also an identification of desire. Water always has one wish and it never leaves that on the basis of some external factor. Water is constantly in motion, just like time, towards flow and to stop and to discontinue is not its nature. This permanent flow is like the continuity of Air or you can say that this particular feature of Water has been borrowed from Air.

By wetting others means to saturate, to quench the thirst and to consecrate someone.  Water does not care much about losing its self and status; it consecrate anyone with whom it makes contact, anyone who comes in its way and anyone who gets associated with it. Water has no regret even for completely losing its status in the process.

Adopting the shape of the container gives an idea that Water neither expects anything nor boasts about the favor of consecrating someone. Water eliminates itself so much while adopting the shape of the container that even the vase never gets to know that who has filled it.

After much deliberation I concluded that these qualities are present only in one character – Walayat (Sufism). The Character of Walayat (Sufism) never abandons its desire and is always thriving. Being the guardian of every second, it is forever flowing with the chain of moments and never stops, just like time. But the difference between time and Walayat is that time does not necessarily leave its impact whereas WALAYAT influences and saturates to the extent of consecrating with whomever it get associated with and during the process Walayat continuously loses the identity. As a mentor (Murshid) WALAYAT adorns the role of leader and transforms in to the seeker and follower, and after fulfilling becomes extant in the container.

Hence, Water holds the attributes of the Character of Walayat.                 Inference I

Inferences Concerning Fire


The heat of Fire clearly indicates that it is hyper and full of arrogance. Fire will keep on burning, whether because of grudge, envy and rancor or because of any other reason, by nature it cannot remain dim. After continuous burning, Fire would diffuse one day. Even if it has as much strength as the Sun has, it will become cold and die its own death. Probably Fire is unaware of this eternal fact and it is very much likely that this ignorance is because of its pride.

The second attribute of light is good and prominent as well but it has one another aspect. Fire can catch the attention of anyone from a distance and anyone can get inclined towards it but no one know what they will get upon reaching closer, it can be anything, noble or evil. On one instance this close proximity of Fire burnt the tongue of Prophet Musa (A.S) and on the other instance this closeness became instrumental in the conferring of Prophet Hood. Actually Fire effects according to the state of the person and object. The tongue burnt when Musa (A.S) was innocent and ignorant, and when he was mindful he got Prophet Hood. A very extensive research will prove that no other light has the ability of such wide and varied reaction. It is the exclusive quality of Fire. But if the state person turns out be righteous then Fire will accept the self death and would become the bed of roses. When Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) said, “My question is with you nobility and my knowledge is according to your state (mera sawal terey hasab ke saath hai aur mera ilam terey haal ke saath hai)” his rectitude forced the Fire to not only turn cold but to also have tranquility. It looked as if someone has gushed Water on Fire. No doubt the Friend of Almighty, Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) possessed the attributes of Walayat.

The third trait is the ability and effort to make everyone alike is only present in Fire. It is common observation that whatever is thrown in the blazing Fire, reduces to ashes. But it is noteworthy that the holy bodies of the descendants of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) remain peaceful and safe in the flaming Fire. It is a legend that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) touched a handkerchief probably with an intention to clean his holy hands. The possessor of that particular handkerchief then had this put in to Fire for cleaning and it got cleanse from all the dirt and dust. It is noteworthy that the Fire has been and will always be incapable of burning anything alike which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the pride of all the creations, has touched.

On the prima facie all of these are the attributes of Satan and devil. To look good from a distance but changing course on close proximity, to stay proud and full of grudges and envy all the time and to try and make everything alike, and to be successful in achieving all that to a certain extent, with the exception of the possessor of Walayat, are definitely the attributes of Devil.

Hence, Fire holds the qualities of the Character of Devil.                               Inference II

Inferences Concerning Earth

The immobility of Earth means to stay in one position, similar condition and to be destitute with the power of change. A big rock, when broken in to pieces, changes only in to small stones, and if these small stones are further broken in to pieces then they will still be called pebbles. Even to that extent, Earth will not leave the quality of immobility. But there is no doubt that even the smallest particle will definitely have weight and an identity and would never step away from making others realize that, means it will always be egocentric. Every different angle of the rock gives it another color and a whole new aspect, this diversity is one another thing that the Earth will never leave under any circumstances.

Everyone knows that the most superior form of clay is Adam and his descendants. Even though mankind is the collective mass of the four elements but it has the element of Earth in appreciable amount that is why it is normally called the statue of clay. A closer look will show that the element of Earth is indeed prominent in the mankind. Human being is so static that an American will never become British, a Chinese will never become Japanese and a Hindu will never accept righteousness. No matter where they are and who they are; they will be content to stay motionless because it is the nature of Earth.

Human being also keeps his gravitational pull intact in every condition. Vietnam is a very small country but it gave a considerably big country like America a very tough time because of its gravity. In the trueness and steadfastness of their gravity unknown person like Ghazi Ilm-ud-Din Shaheed pull off certain action without any hesitation which otherwise looks like suicide. The stability of this gravity transpires the righteous state even when the individual is intoxicated. The importance of the all the names and legends living in our memories is because of their exemplary gravity. Otherwise every individual successfully wins the attention of either one or at least few people only because the gravitational pull lends a hand in attracting others.

The extent of variety is such that no two moments of the human beings are similar, whether these are intentional or unintentional. This stanza of some poet that “the sound of think (said) and it is done (be and it is) is coming from every living being” is referring towards this quality of variety. The process of creation only stops upon completion and to stop is the sign of death. The sound of ‘be and it is’ symbolizes creation after creation and the retreat towards diversity.

Hence, the Earth holds the attributes of the Character of Mankind.         Inference III

Inferences Concerning Air

The quality of Air to be present everywhere i.e. omnipresence is of great importance. Anything that can be called a place will definitely have Air, even if it is an empty space. There is not a single corner in the Universe where Air is not present. This omnipresence is the grandeur of Uniqueness; which has no face, color, fragrance and taste. It cannot be seen and heard but if it can be felt by any other sign than it will be good fortune, otherwise it cannot be felt. The continuity of this omnipresence never breaks across the Universe. Upon deliberation it will be evident that whole Universe is the manifestation of this continuity.

Just like the subsistence and extant of any living being is impossible without Air; similarly Uniqueness is necessary for the creation of the Universe. Air is closer to the jugular vein and it always remains close by. This quality of Air is evident from this verse of Holy Quran, “And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein” (50:16). This quality of Air also resembles with the quality of Uniqueness.

Hence, Air holds the qualities of the Character of Uniqueness.                   Inference IV

After these four inferences, few small fictional stories will follow which will give authenticity to the above mentioned conclusions and will also be a source of their further explanation. While discussing the stories the foremost consideration is that all of these should be based on the clear and definite meaning expressed in the Holy Quran or at least they do not in any form contradict that.

The First Story         

The glory/ancestor of all the prophets, Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) was fore bearer to the Last Prophet (PBUH) by 63 generations and Prophet Ismail (A.S) by 62 generations. The age of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was according to these established generation starting from Prophet Ibrahim (A.S). Holy Quran has said about Prophet Ibrahim (A.S), “We have made you a leader for the people.” (2:124). Ibrahim (A.S) was the Prophet of Allah, Messenger of Allah, Friend of Allah and as per the Holy Quran, the very first Imam (leader) of the people on this terrestrial globe. The first child, Ismail (A.S), was born to Ibrahim (A.S) at the age of 86. Ismail (A.S) was a portrait of patience and contentment. He told his father at a very young age that he would always find him patient. This saying was an indication of his perfect state which was his distinction and also the conjunction for being the son of the leader of the people, Ibrahim (A.S).

Ismail (A.S), still an infant, was all alone in the wilderness of the desert of Makah without water and food stuff. So he scoured his heel to the earth and whatever came in to flow as a result of his act was the grant of the Nature – Water. This means that the Character of Walayat was put in to circulation by the son of the leader of the people, Ibrahim (A.S). But at that very moment the Water was ordered ‘Zam Zam’ which means to column, to halt and to rest. So the spring of Walayat which erupted was asked to halt and column its flow. Even though Ismail (A.S) was alive and the portrait of patience and contentment, the most prominent qualities of Ibrahim (A.S) and Walayat, but the Water was asked to ‘Zam Zam’. And until now Zam Zam has not exported/thrown up any other renowned thing.

In the established 62nd generation from Ibrahim (A.S), Imran (A.S) commonly known as Abu Talib (A.S), the supreme Imam was born to Abdul Mutlib. And in the 63rd generation the offspring of Abu Talib (A.S), Ali ul Murtaza, the Lion of Almighty was born. Ali (A.S) was the first Imam (Leader), the Wali (Sufi) of the universe, the heir of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and also his son in law. (The whole Imamate is the charity of his feet and the complete Walayat is the benevolence of his favor.) The instruction of Zam Zam (stop) was not given to spring (Water) of Walayat that flowed out of his association; instead the pearls and coral were directed to come out of it. “Out of them come Pearls and Coral” (Quran 55:22). Being a perfect Wali (Sufi), different and varied kind of Walayat has continued to emerge from Ali (A.S).

The same Ali ul Murtaza (A.S), the lion of Allah, declares on the rostrum of the Jamia Mosque of Kofa that “ask from him all sorts of questions before he may not be among them in the bodily form.” You will not find a single person in the history who has declared acquaintance with the entire Knowledge/Doctrine in this manner. The proclamation of Ali (A.S) was the blatant proof that he was the holder of intrinsic/exact Knowledge; that he knew more secret of the skies than earth; that he was the confirmation of these verses of Holy Quran: “The Most Gracious!. Knowledge of the Qur’an. He has created man. Articulacy of Knowledge.” (55:1-4). In nutshell the substance of the conception of Ali (A.S) was the Knowledge of Quran and the course of his creation as a human being happened later.

The Second Story


Thirst is a state which arises when the living beings seek water after feeling lack of fluids in their bodies; normally the signs are dryness of the lips etc. In reality thirst is an inner state and it also teases/ribs form the inside. We all know for a fact that, in comparison with the other beverages, only water quenches the true thirst. This state is called Atash in Arabic language. While there is no doubt that condition of thirst varies from person to person, the reactions to this state are also different.

It is being widely believed that the immense thirst made Imam Hussain (S.A) and his family restless and they were tantalized for a drop of water. Although there was a river nearby but the approach was demanding.

Imam Hussain (A.S) was only five years old when Lady Fiza (A.S) got exhausted because of the starvation in the house. Since, Queen Fiza (A.S) knew the art of making silver so she made some silver of reasonable weight and gave it the shape of a fish, thinking it might fetch good money. She took the fish and went to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and requested him to kindly sale the silver fish she has made in the market, so that some food can be prepared in the house to feed the starving children. Holy Prophet (PBUH) told her to take the silver fish to Ali (A.S). She went to Ali (A.S) and described the whole situation. He excused and asked her to give it to Hassan (A.S). She went to Imam Hassan (A.S), told him the whole story and asked him to sell the silver. Imam Hassan (A.S) replied, mother Hussain (A.S) is younger than me so it would be appropriate to give this task to him. Lady Fiza (A.S) then went to Imam Hussain (A.S), after hearing all what has happened he requested her to follow him. He took Lady Fiza (A.S) to the rear room and struck the earth with his left heel. The earth cleaved and she saw that there was water everywhere and the big fishes of gold were swimming in it. Imam Hussain (A.S) said to his mother, why she took so much pain to make a fish of silver, she could have ordered him if that was required and he would have presented these fishes of gold to her, now she can take as many fishes from here as she like.

Did the Imam Hussain (A.S), who could emit water by striking his heel on the earth at the age of five years, really needed river Firat to quench the thirst? Was it really a difficult task for him to provide water to his relatives? No it wasn’t on any account. We have been given the wrong impression in this regard. Hussain (A.S) could definitely have the thirst for the Character of Water but not just for water.

Yazid was adamant to tarnish the honor of Prophet Hood and Walayat. He showed irreverence to the laws of Almighty and went against them. In those circumstances nothing else could have satisfied the thirst to safeguard the Character of Prophet Hood and Walayat, but their own blood. Definitely the circumstances were worse than we all think; otherwise the blood of just one person would have been enough. But the blood of seventy two individuals, including the blood of innocent Ali Asghar (A.S), was required to satisfy the thirst.

Before moving forward, the point to remember is that Ismail (A.S) unintentionally scoured his heel and the emanated water became Zam Zam. But Hussain (A.S) intentionally discharged the stream of water.

The Third Story

When Noah (A.S) got frustrated from his nation, the Nature provided him water in abundance with which he could have washed away the entire world. The point to ponder here is that Prophet Hood is not enough to wash, cleanse and purify the world and its people, the role of Walayat is pivotal in this regard and that is why Noah (A.S) was provided water in abundance. As a reaction of this abundance supply of water, the friend of Allah, Ibrahim (A.S) had to face gigantic fire. Scientifically, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thus the devilish fire was as much in quantity as was the water and Ibrahim (A.S) had to cope with it. The length and the width of that particular Fire were three miles each and the range of its flames was three miles above the ground. The intensity of Fire was such that even the birds coming over it from the skies were reduced to ashes. It is believed that the flight of every bird is according to its thoughts and voyage, so we can say that the wings of every thought were burnt. Ibrahim (A.S) was pushed in to the same fire, but the fire was unable to stand the friend of Allah (A.S). The Fire not only surrendered its true face but it also turned cold and become the bed of roses in the abode of serenity.

After that when Musa (A.S) battled this fire at the age of immaturity, his tongue burnt. Years later, when he got matured and received training from Shoaib (A.S), the same light of fire granted him the Prophet Hood.

The hell fire is in reality pointing towards this Character of Devil. Unless the individual gets rid of the devilish temptations and the inclinations of the lower soul, he is living in hell, burning in the self created hell fire. The greater force with which the individual comes under the influence of the evil spirit, the deeper hell he hems in but on the brighter side, the more the individual gets rid of these temptations, the more he starts feeling the purity of the soul and the cool breeze of heaven.

The mischievous sprite of the individual is his pride, arrogance and greed with which he desires to possess and control everything. The light of heat inside the individual edifices novel plans to provoke him and tries to divert his attention towards them. Sometime the picture is so perfectly painted that the individual feels as if he has just experienced inspiration. The fact of the matter is that there is no respite from these mischievous sprites and the devilish temptations other then seeking refuge from Almighty.

The Fourth Story

“Remember when your Lord said to the angels that He will appoint a successor on earth.” (Holy Quran 2:30). There cannot be any other reason behind addressing the angels then alerting and notifying them to get ready for the assistance of the successor, as soon as he will be appointed.

The word Khalifa has been derived from the Arabic word Khalaf which means to come after someone/to follow someone. The second individual who follows the first one becomes his successor. Before the successor Almighty was the Owner and Creator of the earth and now this responsibility is with the successor. That is why Earth was interpreted as the Character of mankind. This earth was governed by the Owner of Everything but now it is being administered by the Character of mankind. All the physical properties of Earth correspond to Character of mankind in every respect. The Owner asked all of the angels to prostrate this soil on His behalf. Just like when an ambassador is being sent to some other country as a mark of representation and the guard of honor is being presented to him.

This guard of honor is actually on behalf of the president but the ambassador, who can definitely be called successor, receives it. In the same respect the entire brigade of angels were asked to present guard of honor i.e. prostration to the holder of the successor ship. Fire namely the Character of Devil demonstrated its nature and moved away because of the pride. Even after possessing light it assumed darkness and could not see that Who has given that order. But those who were created with the Noor and not light performed their duty. The Character of Fire proclaimed that he is familiar with his self, he knows that he has been created from fire therefore he cannot prostrate to someone who is deprived of this familiarity. This can certainly be said that all of the angels were unaware of their substance of creation which means that they did not possess the knowledge of their self otherwise they too would have definitely moved away from prostration. This discussion brings forth one another point that if someone possesses knowledge of the self then the fire will not be able to move away from prostrating him. The individual can only defeat the devilish temptations by obtaining knowledge of his own self; there is no other way.

After becoming successor and receiving the guard of honor this immobile stopped making progress in the heaven. But because of the gravitational pull this immobile caught the attention of the Character of Fire and on the basis of the quality of diversity he quickly chose the new direction. The Character of Fire advised him to leave the immobility and become mobile to achieve eternity. The mass of variety immediately compelled to accept the offer and in that effort forgot lost touch with the reality (hans ke chal challa aur apni bhool gaya). And to this date the individual is overshadowed by that mistake and paying the price as well. Baba Bulley Shah (R.A) says that ‘amma abbey de bhulyae o hun kam asaan dey aye’.

The Fifth Story

Since Air is the prerequisite for life, so this has to be admitted that Air was present prior to the creation of life. Had there been no Air the survival of life would have been difficult. In this respect we can say that Air was present when nothing was there. It is a fact that Air is necessary for the existence, so it was there and will remain forever. Anything which has no identity, form, weight, shape, face and appearance etc. definitely becomes prominent and visible at certain time. But as a Character of Uniqueness Air has no such bindings. Although cannot be seen, heard, felt, tasted and it is free of any fragrance but all actions like sight, taste and smell are impossible without Air.

Air is omnipresent just like the Almighty. There is no such place, corner, turn, alcove in this Universe where the continuity of Air breaks. It is the only thing that gives the impression of being unique, free of all boundaries, heights and widths, and yet there is no sign of breakage in its continuity. The ratio of its presence is same everywhere. Scientifically the ratio of Air is believed to be one. There can be a change in that ratio as per the requirement but the totality will remain the same. For example, if 1/20th portion is oxygen, 1/75th is nitrogen and 1/5th other elements like the composition of carbon and silver, then the total will be one. But if for any reason oxygen changes to 1/18th then the composition of carbon and sulfur will automatically increase to 1/7th part to fill the gap. To keep the ratio constant in such an enormous surrounding definitely bears resemblance with the grandeur of Uniqueness.

The pronouncement of being closer then the jugular vein, through the process of breathing, does not seem inappropriate for Air. Try analyzing who else can be so closer to the jugular vein other than Air. Even the best skilled individuals cannot hold their breath for more than few minutes and only Air is required for breathing.

The process of burning of fire is possible because of Air and it has always been helpful in inflaming the fire. Air only acts as a source for fire but never burns in it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the existence of fire is indebted to Air; if it stops then the fire will diffuse automatically. Air also stays in water by uniting and mixing up with it. Air is also indispensable (La Yanfaq) for earth and its variety. Air is as much necessary for the growth of a plant as it is for any other living being. It is pretty clear that Air is a necessary requirement of everybody but it is also a fact that Air does not need anyone, it is self-sufficient.

Is there any boundary of the universe? It could have been a very difficult question had the Air was not around. But now it can be easily said that Air has encompassed the universe. The resemblance of Air with Almighty restablished when the Quran says ‘to surround’ is the quality of Almighty. In fact by encompassing the whole universe Air has actually the given explanation of this particular quality of Almighty. Air is revolving around the universe and on the other hand the whole universe is compelled\duty-bound to revolve around water.

After the brief elaboration of these five stories, let us see this article with a new dimension i.e. if these elements are combined together with each other then what final shape will surface and what will be its standing. In the first place the combination of two elements will be discussed to draw conclusions then three elements will be mixed together to reflect on their possible inferences, and in the final part the possible results of the compound of these four elements will be extracted.

Following are the possible combinations that can be derived from the mix of two elements each:

  1. Water and Air
  2. Water and Earth
  3. Water and Fire
  4. Air and Earth
  5. Air and Fire
  6. Earth and Fire

The two elements can be combined in the above mentioned six possible ways. Now the inferences of all these combinations will be discussed one by one.

1. Water and Air

The flow of Water will continue after grouping up with Air. And the ability of wetness will also remain constant but it will give up the quality of adopting the shape of the container, Air has no definite shape so we cannot say that Water has adopted its shape.

Similarly, Air will retain the attribute of omnipresence and cannot be seen but will give up continuity. This means that Air limits itself in the Water.

It will be evident from reflecting on the above points that in the combination of Walayat and Uniqueness, Walayat will retain its flow and wetness to stay and have control in the Universe but could never adopt the shape of Uniqueness. In contrast to this, although Uniqueness will remain hidden even after diffusing in Walayat but will maintain the attribute by spreading in the totality of Walayat. And Uniqueness will be ready to give up its continuity for the sake of Walayat. Perhaps the aspiration of Uniqueness is to reduce presence upon coming in contact with Walayat.

2. Water and Earth

Water will halt its flow after mixing with Earth but will keep its wetness and the attribute of adopting the shape of the clay with which it unites. In contrast, Earth will retain its immobility and the gravity will increase but the property of variety will become limited, because only one or few statues could be made from the mixture of Earth and Water in one instance.

It will be evident from a thoughtful consideration that when Walayat meets mankind then it likes to confine in that individual only and stops its spread in the entire Universe. But by means of the individual it does transmit its impression in his body and feels proud in adopting the shape of the individual. Whereas the individual who absorbs Walayat cannot break free from his immobility and as per the demands of the world and that of being a mortal will keep the same appearance by retaining gravity. Generally it has been observed that the gravity of the individual increases after conferring of Walayat but it is quite possible that the individual, influenced by Walayat, might chose the path\practice of self blame to reduce gravity. However the variety definitely separates from the individual as he just has one mission, one direction and one gateway.

3. Water and Fire

Whenever Water and Fire will mix together, Water will always retain its flow and the ability of wetness but it will never assume the shape of Fire. Whereas Fire will lose all the three attributes i.e. heat, light and make everything alike.

Wherever Walayat and the Evil Spirit will come face to face, the Evil Spirit will go dead and will relinquish all its properties. On the other hand Walayat will never perform the act of adopting the shape of the container. Walayat cannot adopt the shape of the Evil Spirit under any circumstances; however Walayat will retain its flow and wetness after touching\contacting Fire to continue leaving the impression on people of the world.

4. Air and Earth

If an effort is made to combine Air and Earth, then Air will retain all its attributes and Earth being at the station of stubbornness will not abandon any of its properties. In simple term, these two elements can never mix together and one or few more elements will have to supplement the mixing up of these two elements.

It is pretty much clear that collaboration of Uniqueness and Mankind is not even remotely possible. Till the time the properties of a mortal are present in the individual, the connection with the knowledge and Uniqueness of Almighty is not possible. And when the individual reaches the station of annihilation of his qualities then the Uniqueness will appear in the shape of subsistence. If an individual announces that he has the knowledge of Almighty, even after retaining all his physical properties, then it will be clearly misleading and wishful thinking of sort.

5. Air and Fire

Wherever Air and Fire will combine together, all the properties of Air i.e. omnipresence, cannot be seen and continuity will remain intact. Whereas Fire will retain heat and light in the presence of Air but it would never be able to make Air alike.

Upon deliberation it would be clear that the mixing up of Air and Fire is impossible. The grandeur of Uniqueness will always and forever remain intact. While the attribute of Evil Spirit to make everything alike, will vanish. The retention of heat and light would have enabled the Devil to express new and novel points before Uniqueness. This is the only combination in which five attributes will stay put.

6. Earth and Fire

Whenever Earth and Fire will mix up then all the Fire will keep all is attributes, whereas Earth will only retain its immobility.

On every occasion Earth and Fire will come close to each other the Evil Spirit will quickly overpower the individual without losing any of its qualities. The individual would barely keep his immobility, after getting overwhelmed by fire, and will lose his gravity as well as variety.

The individual should seek refuge from the diabolical acts of the Evil Spirit and there is nothing that he could do besides that. The Holy Quran also teaches us to seek protection from the mischievousness of Devil on several places. All the upright patriots, pure and Sufis of the universe are in agreement that the individual will get desolated/ruined along with his attributes after getting overpowered by the Devil. Human being cannot do anything except for seeking refuge and that too from the Uniqueness.

After that let us have a look at the possible outcomes of the combination of three elements. First of all there can be only four potential pairs:

1. Water – Earth – Fire

2. Water – Earth – Air

3. Water – Air – Fire

4. Earth – Air – Fire

Now let us see them in the form of a chart:

The properties which are highlighted definitely die out. And upon deliberating on the rest of the properties the following outcomes can be divulged.

The combination of Water, Earth and Fire will leave only two properties steady i.e. immobility and wetness. The damp Earth/Clay is useless until a bit more is not done, therefore this potentiality is impossible to exist.

While the properties of immobility, wetness, omnipresence, wetness, gravity and cannot be seen survives in the combination of Water, Earth and Air. This also looks impossible to exist on a bit of consideration.

In the combination of Water, Air and Fire the attributes of flow, wetness, omnipresence and cannot be seen will remain safe. This selection also looks impossible to exist.

With the mixture of Earth, Air and Fire the qualities of immobility, heat, light, omnipresence, cannot be seen and continuity will continue to exist. Upon deliberation this potentiality also looks impossible to exist.

The conclusion thus is that it is impossible to make anything from the mixture of three elements. Actually this world has been created on the basis of two opposing forces. The pairs of two can be made or you can say that pair of two opposing forces can be combined together but the collaboration of three in reality embraces the trait of subsistence by putting away the attribute of annihilation. Since, the Owner and Creator of the Universe had to exterminate the immortal world, which is why nothing has been created with the combination of three. Hence no scope has been left for any possibility of existence with the mixture of the three elements.

The only remaining possibility is the conclusions drawn from the mixture of all these four elements. If these four elements are mixed together and their physical properties are not allowed to interact with each other then total 12 attributes will be observed.

Water:                 Flow –   Wetness – To adopt the shape of the container

Earth:                  Immobility – Gravitational Pull – Variety

Air:                        Omnipresence – Cannot be seen – Continuity

Fire:                      Heat – Light – To make alike

It is quite clear that if all these elements do not intersect their attributes and stay close to each other with love and kindness then the combination of these elements will be the ideal creation. And we would be considerate to call them by name like doubtless (Laraib), exalted/purified by the benignity and graciousness of Almighty (Subhaan), purified (Mutahar), faultless etc.  For him the saying “I know not how to utter thy praise” will be rightly justifiable and fitting. The creation that was immobile and even then could not be seen, whose stature of variety was such that he held the impression of “Every moment His glory manifests anew” (Quran, 55:29) and was able to adopt the shape of the object as and when dispensed in. The feature of influencing others through wetness was such that even the stone in someone’s hands would recite his praises and at the same time could inspire his paternal uncle, Hamza (A.S), with one sentence by keeping heat stable. The condition of not being seen was such that the Creator of Universe himself said that the Day of Judgment/Resurrection will be nothing more than the complete introduction of His Apostle Muhammad (PBUH). This is a fact that no one has perceived the actual and complete magnificence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this immortal world.

The Sixth Story


Abu Jahal got information that his nephew Muhammad (PBUH) was coming through a certain street along with Abu Bakr (R.A). He set out with the intention to (God Forbid) assassinate Muhammad (PBUH) on his horse carrying the sword. When he saw Holy Prophet (PBUH) from a distance, he rushed forth even faster. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) along with his travel companion turned towards a nearby garden. After completing the circular course to the exit of the garden, Abu Jahal stood there with the sword in his hand. The uncovered sword was in his hand. When Abu Bakr (R.A) came out of the pathway, Abu Jahal called out, “O son of Abu Kahafa, where have you left Muhammad (PBUH).” Hearing this Abu Bakr (R.A) turned around and saw the Holy Prophet (PBUH) standing behind him and smiling. Abu Jahal yelled again, “Abu Bakr (R.A) you have been able to save Muhammad (PUBH) today but next time his life won’t be spared.” After saying that, he spurred away on the horse.

Abu Bakr (R.A) obediently asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH), “How was it possible that Abu Jahal couldn’t see the Prophet (PBUH) even though the Prophet (PBUH) was standing right behind him.” Apostle of Allah Muhammad (PBUH) said to Abu Bakr (R.A), “My Lord has spread out 70,000 veils of His Honor around me all the time and He only shows to people what he deems necessary for them. At that time the intention might have been to put me out of Abu Jahal’s sight and that was why all the veils covered him. And hiding me from your view might not have been the objective, so the room was created for you to see me. However, do bear in mind that you too have not yet seen my real magnificence. The Day of Judgment is specified for this purpose only. Only on that Day Allah will reveal my true magnificence on all of His creations. This will be the only motive behind the Day of Judgment.”

The Seventh Story

The Owner and the Creator of the whole Universe created 17,999 species after creating the four elements. Which means that after all the birds, beasts, animals, insects, flies, mosquitoes and even those beings which are now called unicellular by science have been created, and then according to the legend the angels were asked to weave the clay from heaven with water. Once this process completed then an illustration like a statue was instructed to be made and Fire was ordered to steam\strengthen it. According to the legends this statue stayed in the same shape for 40, 400, 4000 or 40,000 years. All the other creations were used to make fun of it. So much so that it is being said that a bird laid eggs in its mouth and made nest there. Especially the entrance and exit of the bird in her nest was great amusement.

Then suddenly one day the Lord of the Universe once again addressed the angels and asked them to behold and prostrate as soon as He will put the element of Air in the statue, as mentioned in Holy Quran “We breathed Our Spirit” (66:12). This order shocked Fire which has not only strengthened the statue but also helped in giving it a shape. Fire opined that it has played a big role in the substantiation of this being, then why should it prostrate. In short, all the angels prostrated and the creation of Fire turned revile (Rajeem) in the process. In any case this reality should never be forgotten that Adam was nothing without Air i.e. the act of breathing Spirit. Not only the significance and admiration/reverence this being received but even the prostration made to him was because of the favor extended by Air.

Thus, when all these four elements aggregated and have done their respective course of action then with Wisdom of the Lord the 18,000th species and the successor of the Lord came in to existence. This species had the badge of honor for being a rational creature and was also called the eminent creation among all the creations. The evidence of this fact was provided by the entire brigade of angel when they all prostrated as soon this living being was created.

Have a look at the Wisdom of the Lord: the immobility, gravitational pull, variety was weaved in the qualities of flow, wetness and adopting the shape of the container which means that firstly the Character of Adam was consecrated with the Character of Walayat and this has been proudly mentioned in Quran, “The Most Gracious! Knowledge of the Qur’an. He has created man. Articulacy of Knowledge.” Look at the opulence of Mercifulness of the Most Affectionate that He created species from the clay weaved in the Knowledge of the Quran. As a matter of fact the Character of Walayat is the whole Knowledge of the Quran in which the clay from Heaven was braided.

After that the immobility and gravitational pull would have desired their strengthening, that is why this clay was given the shape of a solid statue with the help of the inflaming Fire i.e. the Character of Devil. Subsequently the clay must have felt regret and distress for not remaining content with the Character of Walayat and for desiring the strength and stiffness and consequently met up Fire i.e. the Character of Devil. The mouth of the statue would have remained wide opened in the awe of regret and distress which gave a bird the chance to build its nest. The feeling of shame also converged with the current state of regret and in that remorse the time of 40 years to 40,000 years elapsed.

Eventually this bashfulness would have pleased the Owner of the Universe perhaps that was why He decided to add the association of the Character of Uniqueness in the statue and breathed His spirit in it. In view of the fact that the Character of Uniqueness was present in that being, it was deemed compulsory for all the creations to prostrate the being. It has already been discussed in the article that the Character of Devil, Fire, requires Air to keep burning and in its presence further inflames Fire and its heat and light shines brighter. This additional kindling would have stopped the Fire to away from prostrating. (The End of Seventh Story)

Nevertheless the creation of the living being completed and the process of blowing of Spirit made him Safi Ullah (the chosen one of Allah) i.e. Adam (A.S). From that day onwards the element Air has been used in the creation of the children of Adam but not in the form to make anyone the chosen one of Allah by birth i.e. every organ in the body has been saturated by Air (Character of Uniqueness). Now it is necessary for the mankind to subdue the element of Air themselves and compactly accomplish it in their inner in the similar way as it was done in the process of blowing the Spirit in the first chosen one of Allah. Or else submit themselves to their Lord in such a manner that He may perform the process of blowing of Spirit to create one more Safi Ullah (the chosen one) amongst the mankind.

Now we will do a thorough analysis of when these four elements were combined together what could have been the possible outcomes that a complete Adam came in to being, who was the first Safi Ullah (the chosen one) and after that just the descendants of Adam. To begin with keep in view the Seventh Story.

1. Earth (clay)       = Immobility |         Gravitational Pull       |Variety

2. Weave Water    = Flow               |          Wetness                         |Adopt the shape of container

We can gauge that from the points above that the mixture of Water and Earth has created a new set of qualities i.e. Immobility, Gravitational Pull and Wetness. Earth retained its immobility and gravitational pull and Water kept its wetness steady. In nutshell, their combination created a creature which had the ability to attract others, gravitational pull, and also had the capability to influence everyone seeing, hearing or coming close to him through wetness.

Now for the strengthening of the statue entered the Fire and the result was:

The outcome of the first two elements: Immobility, Gravitational Pull, Wetness

3. Fire = Heat     Light      to make alike

The highlighted text shows that because of the wetness, the heat and light of Fire almost vanished but in the process it also finished the wetness. Similarly, the attribute of Fire to make everything alike faded away until the immobility of the mix developed/strengthened in some kind of shape, and the gravitational pull lessened comparatively. Hence the properties remained in the mixture as a result of the procedure of development/strengthening were: Immobility and Gravitational pull

An immobile kind of a statue which had certain amount of ability to attract and because the wetness vanished in this step, the bird was able to make the nest in the mouth. The statue was immobile so it could only attract but was unable to influence the bird to refrain from committing this impudence.

Then came the time when the act of ‘We breathe in our Spirit’ happened. At that time the mixture only had the qualities of immobility and gravitational pull.

4. Air =  Omnipresence         Cannot be seen         Continuity

Two conclusions can be derived from this. Firstly, that the Air somehow penetrated in the immobility and gravitational pull with the power of the Spirit (Nafakh) and in that way abandoned the attribute of continuity and confined in the body of the immobile. Obviously the attribute of cannot be seen remained steady. There must have been some increase in the gravitational pull of the immobile otherwise it would have remained as it is. Hence, as per the conclusion the following three attributes could remain steady.

1. Immobility

2. Gravitational Pull

3. Cannot be seen

So, such an Adam was created in which the Character of Uniqueness was concealed in a way that although it was there but yet could not be seen. This Adam became Safi Ullah, the chosen one of Allah.

The second possible conclusion can be same which we have already derived in the combination of Air and Earth i.e. this is impossible to exist. That is why these two will keep their respective attributes intact. So, the following five properties will remain completely stable.

1. Immobility

2. Gravitational pull

3. Omnipresence

4. Cannot be seen

5. Continuity

It is obvious that in this prospect the power of Spirit will separate and with this the process of the creation of the mankind will be completed. These five attributes in reality give indication of the five senses and in a way of the five Holy Personalities. In both the cases the following equation will be made.

1. Immobility                  = Taste

2. Gravitational Pull     = Hearing

3. Omnipresence            = Touch

4. Cannot be seen           = Smell

5. Continuity                    = Sight

From then onwards the descendants of Adam (A.S) have been created from the combination of these five senses and the creation will continue in the similar formation till the Day of Judgment.

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