Experience So Far: Language Barrier and Socialising

With the course about to begin the University has designated this week to the Program Induction. My course’s induction thankfully lasted only for two hours. During induction they introduced the course and its leaders, professors and visiting faculty members. It was interesting to note that some of the best in the business will be giving us lectures, sharing their experiences and building ours. There will be a lot of reading and writing during the year beginning from 26th September.

For me the induction was kind of routine thing, there was nothing special in it and I am sure few others will also agree. It is kind of norm or habitual for the professors and teachers to scare the shit out of the students on the very first meeting and the same happened at the induction as well. I strongly believe that they should have known that we have been there and heard that millionth time. However, it was done in a more amicable manner and while sitting there at least I never felt what the course leader was trying to achieve. On the brighter side there is a lot to gain from this course just from everybody. The class has more mature students in it and some of them are bit too mature but their experience will also be something to gain from.

So far I have not faced any problem in settling here but now I am facing one – language barrier and socialising. Currently the brain is processing everything from Urdu to English and sometimes finding a suitable becomes difficult and also the spontaneous response also comes in Urdu. But I think with time the language barrier will go away. Although I think it is more like language confusion at the moment. The thing that I am worried about the most is socialising and I am really bad at it and especially when it comes to the people that I really know. I am really not comfortable with saying random ‘Hello’ which is more acceptable here than back home. People here would hardly ever mind a Hello here and if they may wish to talk further they would or will excuse. And this is considered to be somewhat rude in Pakistan. And I am trying to get along with this new environment.

Even though I am finding it difficult to fit in to this new culture, I still love the way people are so open about so many things, of which some are taboo for us. But this is how it is. People here would rather say it on your face then to keep it in their heart and ignore you in the most annoying ways. If they have agreed to do something they would do it and if for some reason they cannot then they would politely refuse. And I keep thinking that they are better than us in so many ways.

And even more interesting thing is that we have a Cake Society in our University, most people I know would think after reading that I have already joined but sorry to disappoint you guys I have not. Cheers!

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