Experience So Far: The State of a Person

The sun has been very kind on London for the last week or so and I very much felt that I was in Lahore, Pakistan. The temperature touched a maximum of 29°C and the people here started to have fun while I was cursing the weather. I never thought I would see so much sun here in later half of September and in October but there it was beaming on us. I have heard much about people celebrating the sunlight here but it was my first real experience of actually watching people having fun. The University Halls I am staying in has beautiful lawns, so they were all filled with the residents playing football, singing, doing barbeque and etc.

There is nothing much to write about at the moment but yes there are a few random thoughts that I surely want to write about. The classes have begun and the second week is in progress and too much reading work to do already. I am being pushed to read more and more, even though I hate reading. But I am trying to develop the habit now otherwise I won’t be gaining much from the course. And to begin with I am reading all the academic articles which are pretty dry especially for someone like me.

The first session was a good one, we discussed about the Author, Death of the Author and Reading and Readers. There were few interesting points and whatever we discussed about the author reminded something called “Haal” (essentially a state of a person). When you get so much involved and absorbed in something that you forget everything but the thing that you are doing (lost in your own world), at this point people might experience ‘Haal’ (Status). Basically it abandons you from the boundaries of time, free from the worries of past and future and only concerned about the present. This is the very basic and general explanation of it. It is also a fact that most of the people remain unaware of it even if they experience it because it is too difficult for a normal person who lacks the respective knowledge.

This state or condition comes naturally and unintentionally; we cannot enforce it on ourselves with our own intentions. It will always be unintentional. The length of it might vary depending on the situation and the person. But normally it is not more than a moment, if you are able enough to capture it then you might experience it and if not it will pass in seconds. One of the points we discussed was that the writer might not be able to explain why he wrote some line, point or paragraph. Most of the times he cannot revisit, what he wrote and the circumstances in which he wrote, I thought this has something to do with state in which the writer must have been in his thoughts. He must have unintentionally written all of it because of the state he was in and would have definitely thought afterwards that it was really him who wrote this. This is mostly because of the coherence between the mind and hand; when this coherence reaches to an ultimate point people write things which are truly amazing and mind boggling as well.

Another interesting point was that every reader has his own interpretation of whatever he is reading and he cannot be forced to think in the manner the author did. In this regard the author has no authority over the reader but on the work he has written. Here again the write cannot enforce his thinking over the other. Everyone one has a certain level of perception and they understand accordingly which is very good for many reasons. There is a definite possibility that someone might reach the point the writer wanted to express but it don’t happen much and this is the beauty of creative and imaginative pieces.

The identification of the author is through his writing or creative work. We only know the person because of this. And even if we look around our family and peers there is a definite reason why we know them, there identification is because of something called relations. We identify our family members through our parents and friends because of something common and it could be anything. And by nature mankind need something to relate to someone. Coming back to the author, it is also a fact that the author becomes a secondary object, someone who is penning his thoughts and imaginations which are the primary objects. So in the process the author gets subtracted or becomes invisible and the characters he has created gets the centre stage, thus all the attention. And the author is actually losing his own self to something called imagination.

During the last session in which we were discussing modernism, postmodernism, changes in culture and values, and realism I was a little perplexed about the naming convention. More so because I don’t like to tag things around and we don’t even have the authority to do it. I’d rather stick to the principal philosophy of the great Sufi (Wali Allah) Hazrat Ali Hajweri (R.A), which in simple word is, “bear in mind that the creator of the good and the evil is Allah (the Owner and Creator of the Universe), so don’t get caught up in this war of good and evil.” I hear people talk about the change of culture and values all the time. But I have never met anyone who has told me about a norm which has existed from that day one and it is still intact. No one really quotes from an authentic book of culture and values but yet they keep talking about the change in it.

I believe it is the people who create cultures and its existence is also dependent upon them. And these people form society and certain values. We all learn about these things form our parents and societies not from a book. Since the only constant is change and with the evolution of people there is a definite change in culture and values to an extent. The basic values definitely remain the same but the way of exhibiting and demonstrating those changes with time. This change is felt the most by the people of previous generations while doing a comparison. And sometimes they are not willing to accept the change and the evolution of certain and this where the problem starts which we all call generation gap. It is nothing but the restraint of the people to migrate from their thoughts and accepting the changes with time. Life is a flow and if you don’t move with it you are virtually dead.

The fact that no two persons are similar in their form, the five fingers are not the same and even the finger prints are different, so how can the way every person carry and conducts himself can be the same. Like I mentioned that the culture is defined by the people otherwise there is no other way to relate to it. Since the mankind is always evolving so naturally the culture also is. The same paradoxes of modernism and postmodernism etc have existed before and they will continue to exist generation after generation as long as there is life on Earth. So why are we so concerned about it and why are we so unwilling to go with the flow of life – the flow of evolution.

As far as the writer is concerned, to me he creates his own culture and the world which is entirely his own. So he is not the one who is bothered by the changes, he can simply life the inspiration from the society and present it in his own special way. There are not many things that we can all relate to in the novels, dramas and movies but yet we love to read and watch them. And might also find some reference in it but it won’t totally fit in our lives because the reality is presented in an exuberance manner with the height of exaggeration and embellishment. But then again there is simply no other way to present a bitter reality and do business as well.

P.S: I have penned down my random thoughts and in no way I am forcing you people to agree with it.

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