Experience So Far: The Voice behind the writer

I used to mumble before putting my thoughts on paper. This really helped me in showing the exact emotions required for the particular part. There were also times when I corrected something in a much similar manner. In all those times I never realized and was not even bothered to know what it was. Only a few days ago I realized that it was the sound of the writer’s voice courtesy of my Creative Writing course. The discussion made me look in to voice with a whole new perspective. Never knew voice has so much importance in writing and that you can sense the expression in a novel through voice.

In our daily life we do that quite often. The voice of the people shows us the emotion and the feelings. When someone is happy, the voice expresses that; when someone is sad, the feeling comes through in the voice, when someone is tense; one can judge it through the voice. So the voice is one thing that carries many emotions. The sound of voice is also used to judge the trueness of the person saying something. We now have machines which do that job but before that people used to do it, they used to gauge the authenticity through voice. And the most amazing thing about voice is that every person possesses a distinct voice, which becomes his identity and a source of recognition. There must have been many instances in everybody’s life when they have identified a person just through his voice without seeing the face.

But it never occurred to me that voice of the character, the feeling and the expressions are something you can hear in the writer’s work. And the fact that when you are doing different characters the voice tends to change accordingly. This all led me to believe that the thoughts and imaginations have a voice which we can hear and modulate accordingly. Even though the speed of thought is much more than the speed of voice in technical terms but still it has a voice which the writer translates in to the words and sentences. Whose voice is that we don’t really know but we all know that it is there and it is all about knowing the voice. We just need to listen to it and pay attention to it. The writer does that and writes so many beautiful, intriguing and interesting pieces of work.

There are times when you are busy in something that you are doing and suddenly you hear a voice calling your name, you hesitantly look around only to be shocked to find no one around. But still you heard the voice loud and clear. There are certain voice within our self and outside in the horizons as well. There is a voice which communicates with you all across the day but we seldom notice that as we are too busy in chores of life. When you are in some kind of danger or when something bad is about to happen there a clear voice which warns you and gives advice too, it is for you own good. When we are doing something bad a voice tries us to stop from it and at the same time there is a voice which encourages us to continue. The same thing happens while doing something good. By the looks of it we are surrounded by the voices, the voice of thoughts, the voice of dream, the voice of self, the voice of conscious and subconscious and etc. Other than that there are voices outside of our body which we come across every day.

Then there is divine voice which comes in the form revelation and takes the shape of Holy Quran. And the same Quran is present within the horizons of this universe in the form of voice and everyone who can develop the respective ability can hear it clear and loud. This particular voice can be heard through the ears and all you need to do is make them capable enough to hear that. All you need is the attention in the right direction. Prophet Suleiman (A.S) had the ability to hear the voices of the animals around him and also to talk with them. He possessed a capability to do that. There have been other instances in the history where an animal has had a dialogue with the Prophet. Since they are Prophets, they are definitely above us in the status but that does not mean that we cannot develop ability after going through a process.

Lady Zulaikha reached this status and had the honour of having a conversation with the divine voice. A mother can understand the voice of the child, which normally is of crying, even though he cannot speak but his voice is enough for her to know what the child wants, is he hungry or in pain and etc. So this ability of comprehending the voice is there in the mankind but we need to bring it to prominence like our other abilities. And there is a process following which we can become able enough to hear the divine voice and the Quran, what the ants are talking and much more than that.

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