The Familiar Spirit

Ahmad, the chef, sees his face in the mirror. He names it reflection. When he walks away from the mirror, his reflection disappears. The mirror is blank now. After a few minutes, Ahmad comes back and sees his reflection.

Hassam, the architect, comes close to the mirror to see what happened. He sees both Ahmad and his reflection. He cannot tell them apart. He asks Ahmad to move away. Reflection goes, the mirror is blank again. He calls him back and his face (reflection) reappears. Surprised to see, Hassam slaps Ahmad. Ahmad places hand on his left cheek. The mirror reflects. Hassam gets confused. He goes and slaps reflection. It does not move. He comes back and pinches Ahmad. He says ouch! The reflection moves. Hassam now pinches the reflection. It remains still and shows no feelings. He realizes that the reaction only comes from the object, not the reflection.

A few minutes later, Hassam pokes Ahmad with a needle. He cries ouch! He goes to the mirror and thrust the whole needle in the eye of reflection. It once again remains unmoved. He moves Ahmad away from the mirror. The reflection goes away. He brings him back, sits him down, and takes out a hammer and a nail, and hammers in his foot.  Ahmad screams. He does the same with the reflection and sees no signs of pain. Hassam goes a step further and ropes the foot of Ahmad with the nail.  He then ropes the foot of the reflection with the nail. After a few minutes, he unties Ahmad and pushes him aside. The reflection goes, but he can see the nail. He starts to ponder, who appears in the mirror? He cannot grab it. He cannot feel it. He rhymes the verse of a Sufi poem; Bulleya, know who I am?

He asks Ahmad, the chef and Farhan, the professor. We cannot deny the reflection exists. But where does it come from? We always recognize things from their bodily and visible appearance. What functions, effects and significance does it have outside the body?

“The mirror helps people to dress. A girl needs a mirror to see how she looks after coming home from the beauty parlour” Ahmad suggested.

“No. The mirror only expresses” Farhan corrects him.

“But when I move my right hand, the reflection moves the left hand and vice versa” Ahmad asks.

“Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (R.A) has used a beautiful word in his book Kashf Al-Mahjub chapter ‘Discourse on Absence and Presence’, it looks opposed but it is not.” Farhan replies. “If we look at it with reference to the eyes only, then it definitely looks a reality. The eyes have a system which makes the reversed image straight.”

“How?” Ahmad asks for explanation.

“When the eye sees something, it goes to Keyasma which makes the reverse image straight as required by the brain” Farhan explains.

“It looks strange, I am here and my reflection is on the mirror” observes Ahmad.

“Have you ever tried seeing from behind the mirror?” questions Farhan.

“I have never thought about it.”

“If you do, then what will you see? Any guesses?”

“Nothing”, Ahmad and Hassam said in unison.

“You are very wrong”, Farhan says. “Keep in mind the reflective surface. Not the typical mirror we use to see. The reflection can pass through a reflective medium. Whilst from a high quality glass you can also see from behind the surface.”

“What difference will it make?” Hassam asks.

“If you see from it, you will always find the reflection exactly like the original, straight not opposing.”

“A very strange phenomenon indeed.”

“Yes it is. Ahmad, when you looked in the mirror, you saw right as left and left as right. But if Hassam goes behind the mirror, he will see you and your reflection in the same line and similar. Have you ever noticed that? Try seeing through the glass of any car, the reflection as well as the real object both will be in the same line. Normally it has the tinted look. But still it is a good medium. It works perfect on this surface.”

“Explain” Ahmad asks.

“It works just like an eye. The reflective surface has the capability to show four dimensional images. Even though it is a reflective surface but you can still look beyond it.”

“Just like the one way vision glasses?” Hassam suggests.

“Yes. Normally people use these glasses for privacy. If anyone of you find such a medium, then all you need to do is remove parallax to see the original and reflection in one line.”

“And how do we do that” Ahmad and Hassam gestures.

“Well, to see clearly you have to create parallax distance by moving backwards until a particular distance. They will be two but you will see them as one. The direction will also be the same. For the particular reason Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (R.A) has written the word ‘it looks’. There but still not.”

“It looks?” Hassam asks.

“‘It looks’ is actually the removal of parallax. You need to maintain a particular distance and angle, according to the distance between the object and its reflection. Since, it cannot be generally maintained, so this looks quandary but removal of parallax is the foundation.”

“What is the parallax removed distance?”

“The keyasma and eye has a parallax removed distance. The Nature has given great feature to the eye and made two mediums; the pupil and the lens. The lens and keyasma have a parallax removed distance from the very beginning. The distance of an eye and lens has the parallax removed distance from keyasma.”

“How does the parallax effects medium?” Ahmad asks.

“If we remove the parallax of medium then you will see two people: you and your reflection. However it will be confusing for Hassam as a third person to guess who is real, without any action.” “Hassam, you are looking lost.”

“Yes. I am thinking about who we see in reflection” Hassam replies.

“My master used to call it “The Familiar Spirit”. It is also mentioned in Quran (Chapter 23, Verse 97). It is said to be present at the moment of the birth of child and accompanies him through life. He often said about this Familiar Spirit: that when a person dies it stands at the point of death of that person and within 72 hours the Familiar Spirit goes to the place where the person was buried and stays there for eternity.”

“Never thought, it is that simple. I have read about this Familiar Spirit in the article about the knowledge of discoveries (Kashf kafoor)” Hassam commented.

“It is only the beginning. The knowledge of discoveries that people talk about is nothing but working with the Familiar Spirit on the grave. The Familiar Spirit knows everything from the beginning to the end as it stays with the individual. It has the ability to provide information about the individual as well as the other Familiar Spirits. It has no substance, so nothing obstructs and binds it.”

“But how does it appear in the medium? How it survives?” Ahmad asks.

“As soon as the Familiar Spirit sees a medium, it jumps in it and does not fall because of the soul. Once the soul has been taken away, it falls as soon as he jumps out. It cannot even stand for a moment.”

“The body does not fall just because the soul has been taken away. There are people in this world who sleep walk, even though once you asleep the soul is taken away” Hassam interrupts Farhan to share his wisdom.

Farhan continues to explain, “You are right. Because the Familiar Spirit is still inside the body, it helps the person to sleep walk perfectly. If you have ever noticed such a person, he can even walk on a thin rope without falling. The sleep walkers can open and close latches and door locks. They achieve all this with the help and perfection of Familiar Spirit. Had the soul been the only basis of continuation then no one would have ever managed to sleep walk. According to medical sciences approximately one after every 200-300 person sleep walks. Often whatever we do in our dreams or see ourselves in two places or some of the dreams that we remember are because of the Familiar Spirit. It takes us to places we cannot imagine. The Familiar Spirit also keeps information about its fellow spirits just like we are not capable knowing each other.”

“Which means it can get as much information from its fellow spirits as possible” Hassam asked.

“Not exactly. A child can only press his father to a limit, for example if he asks his father to buy him a gun; he will buy him a toy gun not a real one. The Familiar Spirits have their own differentiable forces and strength. The one, who has achieved greater strength and force either by achieving higher ranks of spirituality or by the blessings of Almighty, is like the elder one and cannot be forced to get all the wishes fulfilled. If the elder Familiar Spirit wishes, it can just show the gun to the little one but will never hand it over. In the same respect, the elder Familiar Spirit only gives information to an extent and no one can take away more than that. In other words, the Familiar Spirit will only fetch the information according to its own capacity. It will have to increase its capacity if it wishes to get any further information.”

“So, without a proper medium nothing will leave me” Ahmad asks.

“Yes. For anything to leave outside you a medium is the prerequisite. A proper medium has its own magnetic power and pulls out the Familiar Spirit in no time. And the appearing of Familiar Spirit in the medium by virtue of its magnetic power and not with its own power is ‘Presence’.”

“Definitely, if the Familiar Spirit possessed the capability of doing so with its own power, then it would have appeared on the wall, floor, ceiling and door. But it does not” Hassam points out.

“Ahmad, whatever went away was certainly not your body. And whoever showed presence in the medium has existence. So much so that Hassam failed to tell them apart. You waved, it waved. You winked, it winked.  You smiled, it smiled.”

“Are you saying that Familiar Spirit has existence?” Ahmad asks.

“Yes. It is not just a photo, a thought or an air wave. It acts only when you move. It emulates your movements. It has never done anything out of its own happiness. The Familiar Spirit always moves in totality but still you cannot grip it, feel it. It cannot be affected in any way. It is free, pure and exalted. And even after having all those qualities we lack such purity. The Familiar Spirit will, however, remain bound to the object from which it comes out. It moves in totality whenever you move. Familiar Spirit definitely has a body but a subtle one, otherwise any movement or action is impossible.”

“You are talking something totally different now. You have already given reflection a name, now how would you describe this whole new experience?” Hassam asks.

“For the creations of this mortal world, the medium cannot be called anything but the grandeur of Character of Almighty.”

Amazed by this revelation, Ahmad and Farhan look at each other. Then they look at Farhan.

“Who else can pull out the extraordinary except Almighty?” Farhan asks after seeing their reaction.

“No doubt about that. But what is so unexpected in all of this?” Ahmad replies.

“A medium brings out your body from inside of you and makes it stand at a new place. It definitely shows the excellence of the medium but this act manifest the splendour of uniqueness. We all know that only Almighty takes away the soul from the mortal world to the immortal without letting it cease.”

Hassam cut Farhan short to share his views, “The spirit never ceases to exist. Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (R.A) has written in Kashf Al-Mahjoob that ‘only change has been ordained for the spirits not death, they are the orders and commands of God’.”

“And it could be the transformation of time and/or place. The word demise according to Holy Quran and Hadith has only been prescribed for the lower soul (Nafs). The word demise has not been referred to the spirit in the whole Quran and Hadith but the change of time and location both are definitely possible. Almighty takes away the spirit from this world to the other world; call it heaven or hell. The time and location change. No one except Almighty Has the Capability to take away the spirit and change its time and location. Now look at the ability of the medium, it relocates the Familiar Spirit, which has the same subtle body like spirit, from your body in a matter of moment. This state and ability of the medium, to pull and keep Ahmad’s reflection inside and to move away after removing the parallax, is the best possible example of representation of the attributes of Uniqueness in this world.

“The medium is very wise, always keeps the reflection in front and never allows it to break through” Ahmad shares his wisdom.

“In a good mirror, the medium is at the corner. If it is in the middle or back then it will penetrate and definitely leave an impact and will remain steady for a while. Because it is right at the corner of the mirror, it takes no time to disappear without leaving an impact. No matter how many reflections you put in the medium, they will continue to keep coming and going away. In this way, medium holds all the possible traits which can be associated with the Uniqueness. The reflection in the mirror neither remains separate nor absent.” Farhan explains further about the Medium.

“One last question; what really forces the Familiar Spirit to jump in the mirror? What it wants to achieve by doing so?” Hassam asks.

“The Familiar Spirit, until it remains confined in the body, desires to be recognized, seen and to know about its own self. So, it jumps inside the medium as soon as accessible and gets sucked by the magnetic force of Uniqueness. The Familiar Spirit is the part and parcel of the body, which is also its identity. It becomes absent in that desire and dedication for recognition and understanding itself, and tries to get absorbed in the proper medium (grandeur of Uniqueness) but it does not absorb the Familiar Spirit because the medium would neither accept distance nor proximity. The Familiar Spirit tries to be nonexistent from the body to gain recognition unaware of the treatment it will get. The moment Familiar Spirit jumps in the medium, it knows and understands that its existence and recognition is with the body and the fact that it will not be able to maintain itself by going anywhere else. But when it feels the splendour of Uniqueness thinks that it might maintain its existence there. The trustworthy/honourable medium gives Familiar Spirit survival but in a way that neither keeps it distant nor close, places it at the corner but does not absorb.”

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