The Change We’re Seeking

The simplest definition of change is to make a difference, to give different position course and direction but unlimited usage. Since childhood, I have heard and talked incessantly about the change Pakistan needs. Change is a relative term thus different from one and other. A certain change for me might not be the change for the other and vice versa. So in a way it is difficult to gauge what a universal change could be? Even though it is a common saying that change is the law of life, but it is not limited to just one particular thing.

We might agree to disagree or simply disagree with a change on a personal level, but when it comes to the government we want them to change everything we want. And we are very clear about it more than anything else. We know all the problems and their solutions, but sadly not the implications and the difficulties faced. We tend to forget that change does not happen in one instance. There is a process behind it. On the front it definitely looks like a revolution, but in reality it is only evolution. Everything must evolve following the Sunnah of Allah, evolution. There was nothing he could not do in a flash, before the eyes have even thought of blinking but he chose process above everything. So, in a nutshell, it is all down to the processes and for them to work they must be created first.


Pakistan is facing a lot of problems, both external and internal, the major one however is that we want everything else to change but ourselves. We refuse to do our part, but expect the government to do so. We lack traffic sense and then complain about the roads and overhead bridges. No matter how many lanes road is built until people get the traffic sense no one can do anything. No one wants to stop at the red signal and if by chance the police stops to give a penalty notice is happy to pay underhand instead of abiding by the law. Yes, the process of retrieving the documents after penalty charge is painful and I think it has improved quite now still does not mean that one should do such a thing. Then we complaint to the government to  do much. I have seen people here in United Kingdom stopping at red signal even at 2 a.m in the morning because they cannot escape the fine in any which way. I have not seen a single traffic warden and yet people respect each other’s right of way. When the traffic signals are not working it still looks like if they’re working and discipline is far better than I have seen in Pakistan with signals. So, what stops us from following a rule and process? Why can’t we be like them? They’re also human like us and if they do it we also can.

While I was in Pakistan, I cared less throwing garbage anywhere but litter. It was not a problem and a convenient option. Unfortunately, I was not alone in this. But now I am a changed man having spent  some time abroad and realised the importance of keeping the street and the area I live in clean. But when we will learn as a Nation? This is not the responsibility of government. It can give a system, but the onus of following is upon us.  We have to clean the place where we live and it should just not the surroundings of our house. Some volunteers have taken upon themselves to clean Karachi and are doing a great job, but a few are not enough. We all have to stand up and do our part to make Pakistan a prosperous country.

The list of changes required is endless, but bottom of line of that is, unless we transform ourselves no one can do anything.  One plus one makes eleven, synergy and it will multiply with every addition to the cause. We have to be patient and let the transformation pass through the process of evolution and become mature and part of the system. Like, if to being with we stop giving bribes to get our work done and instead stand in the queue and wait for our turn. It will be difficult, easier said than done still has to start from somewhere. We have to do it for ourselves and our country. Bear in mind the change I am talking about is of totality and not just the face. Pakistan Zindabad.

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