Experience So Far: The Reading Week

If finding the way of imparting education in United Kingdom was a 180 degree shift, getting a reading week was a surprise. The sixth week of the course was the Enrichment Week commonly known as reading week. As per the course module this week was given to catch on any missed reading. Continue reading

Experience So Far: The Voice behind the writer

I used to mumble before putting my thoughts on paper. This really helped me in showing the exact emotions required for the particular part. There were also times when I corrected something in a much similar manner. In all those times I never realized and was not even bothered to know what it was. Only a few days ago I realized that it was the sound of the writer’s voice courtesy of my Creative Writing course. The discussion made me look in to voice with a whole new perspective. Never knew voice has so much importance in writing and that you can sense the expression in a novel through voice.

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Experience So Far: Beginning, Middle and End

Ever since I have moved to London, I have been praising the local transport system. The way they have managed it is quite remarkable considering the pretty small road compared to what we have in Pakistan. And to have bus stops and routing through these and that too without affecting the traffic is a feat in its own sense. The other good thing is you will find a map, timetable and details of the buses stopping over right at the bus stops. But two days ago I happened to travel through train and tube en route to Central London. And the experience I had has only train and tube to the list.

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Experience So Far: The State of a Person

The sun has been very kind on London for the last week or so and I very much felt that I was in Lahore, Pakistan. The temperature touched a maximum of 29°C and the people here started to have fun while I was cursing the weather. I never thought I would see so much sun here in later half of September and in October but there it was beaming on us. I have heard much about people celebrating the sunlight here but it was my first real experience of actually watching people having fun. The University Halls I am staying in has beautiful lawns, so they were all filled with the residents playing football, singing, doing barbeque and etc.

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Experience So Far: Language Barrier and Socialising

With the course about to begin the University has designated this week to the Program Induction. My course’s induction thankfully lasted only for two hours. During induction they introduced the course and its leaders, professors and visiting faculty members. It was interesting to note that some of the best in the business will be giving us lectures, sharing their experiences and building ours. There will be a lot of reading and writing during the year beginning from 26th September.

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The Experience So Far: The Beginning of New Chapter

I have been contemplating for few days now about writing a piece on the experience so far. But I just could not concentrate for various reasons including facebook and since I do not have an internet connection for at least one day, so the only pastime I have is writing.

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