The Familiar Spirit

Ahmad, the chef, sees his face in the mirror. He names it reflection. When he walks away from the mirror, his reflection disappears. The mirror is blank now. After a few minutes, Ahmad comes back and sees his reflection.

Hassam, the architect, comes close to the mirror to see what happened. He sees both Ahmad and his reflection. He cannot tell them apart. He asks Ahmad to move away. Reflection goes, the mirror is blank again. He calls him back and his face (reflection) reappears. Surprised to see, Hassam slaps Ahmad. Ahmad places hand on his left cheek. The mirror reflects. Hassam gets confused. He goes and slaps reflection. It does not move. He comes back and pinches Ahmad. He says ouch! The reflection moves. Hassam now pinches the reflection. It remains still and shows no feelings. He realizes that the reaction only comes from the object, not the reflection.

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