The Kashmir Question

Politics solves every problem. The only thing required is will and a way to do it. But when the path chosen is other than that, one must be prepared for problems and reaction which can be a plenty. Kashmir is one such case study which has suffered a great deal because of the reluctance shown towards a political solution. If history is to be believed, at one point neither Pakistan nor India wanted Kashmir.

Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan told Hayat Khan, ‘Sirdar Saheb, have I gone mad to give up Hyderabad which is much larger than Punjab for the sake of the rocks of Kashmir?’ sights Hayat Khan in his book ‘The Nation that Lost its Soul’. Interestingly Hyderabad Deccan at that time had a Hindu majority unlike Kashmir which had Muslim majority. Hayat Khan writes further, ‘I was stunned by the Prime Minister’s reaction and ignorance of our geography and his lack of wisdom. I thought he was living in a fool’s paradise and did not understand the importance of Kashmir to Pakistan while hoping to get Hyderabad, which at best, was only quixotic wishful thinking. It was not connected to Pakistan anywhere. As a protest, I resigned from the position I was holding in Kashmir operation.’

This showed the lack of vision and short-sightedness of Liaquat Ali Khan and preference of vested interest over the broader national one. Pakistan had the chance and opportunity but he let it go easily only for it to become a major dispute between two newly independent countries Pakistan and India. As if it was not enough, Quaid-e-Azam ordered the then Chief of Army General Gracey to attack Kashmir which he plainly refused. But this did not deter Quaid and with the help of the tribesmen Pakistan staged a war on Kashmir on October 22nd 1947. It did not take long for United Nations to take notice of the matter which happened only a few weeks after India and Pakistan got independence. It was unnecessary when the political solution was available and India had already shown willingness for that. On January 5, 1949 United Nations ceasefire line was established. Pakistan lost more than it bargained and might have lost more if not for the gritty fight by tribesmen and the part of Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) we have now it is to their credit.

Kuldip Nayar, in his book ‘Beyond the Line – An Autobiography’ writes on Sardar Patel’s consistent view that Kashmir should be a part of Pakistan. ‘My impression is that had Pakistan been patient it would have got Kashmir automatically. India could not have conquered it, nor could a Hindu Maharaja have ignored the composition of the population which was predominantly Muslim. Instead, an impatient Pakistan sent tribesmen along with regular troops to Kashmir within days of Independence.’

The first of many rounds of talk to seek the solution of Jammu and Kashmir issue were held in London and Paris in October 1948. The Prime Minister of both India and Pakistan took part in the session along with their respective contingent. United States of America and United Kingdom both were keen to settle the dispute arising from the ownership of the Princely states of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We have in this period essentially two parallel sets of discussions:

First: there was an Anglo-American attempt to work out what options there really were and to produce a compromise which both India and Pakistan might be persuaded to accept in these exceptionally propitious surroundings.

Second: there were a series of discussions between Jawaharlal Nehru and Liaquat Ali Khan in London and Paris during the course of October, followed up by officials on both sides, notably Chaudri Muhammad Ali for Pakistan and G.S Bajpai and Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit for India.”

In the final leg of discussions Jawaharlal Nehru tabled two propositions before Liaquat Ali Khan. First, Pakistan should accept the condition of self determination of Kashmiris, and make a sincere effort for it. Second, the current front line, soon to be a cease fire line, should be accepted as the new de jure border.

On 14th November, Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan passed on the message to Indian representative Sri Prakasa with the decision of referendum in Jammu and Kashmir. Jawaharlal Nehru after hearing this concluded that it was pointless to try to decide the Kashmir question by further bilateral negotiations.

On 13th August 1948, United Nations passed a resolution in the light of which the referendum in Kashmir was supposed to happen. Liaquat Ali Khan made the announcement. The six conditions were:

1.       Pakistan will withdraw all the troops from Jammu and Kashmir because Pakistan started the attack and accepted it.

2.       Pakistan should use its best endeavour to remove Jammu and Kashmir the tribesmen and Pakistani Nationals not resident of the Princely states and entered for the purpose of fighting. The main reason for this was that in the war’s wake, Pakistan had the tribesmen settled by occupying the houses of Indians and Sikhs as plunder.

3.       The surveillance of the territory evacuated by Pakistan will be done by the local administration and United Nations commission. The definition of local administration however remained inconclusive.

4.       The United Nations commission for India and Pakistan will notify the government of India once the first two conditions are fulfilled by Pakistan. Only after that India will withdraw its troops from the territory. And it was decided and accepted as well that Pakistan will be the first one to start the withdrawal of troops.

5.       To support the local administration in the observance of law and order minimum military strength will remain in Jammu and Kashmir. This right was given to India with the United Nations keeping a close watch to ensure only the minimum strength is maintained.

6.       The government of India will undertake to ensure that the government of the States of Jammu and Kashmir will take all measures to make it publicly known that peace, law and order will be safeguarded and that all human and political rights will be guaranteed.

The referendum was to happen once these conditions were met but unfortunately our institutions avoided fulfilling them and misled the people of Pakistan. The civilian governments always wanted to abide by the United Nations resolution but the dictatorial regime unfortunately always escaped. Ayub Khan advised Sheikh Abdullah Haroon to agree the terms with India as per his wish and don’t worry about Pakistan. But Sheikh Abdullah Haroon knew of the circumstances so he refused. After that Zia ul Haq attempted the same and also Pervez Musharraf in the recent past. The concerning institution always looked for the other solution instead of abiding by the UN resolution. From Ayub to Musharraf everyone was in favour of area wise division of Kashmir.

In his article, ‘A tale of two States’ A. G. Noorani tell us, ‘A quarter century later, on 27th November 1972, the President of Paksitan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, told a tribal Jirga at Landikotal that India’s first Home Minister and Minister for the State, Sardar Patel had at one stage, offered Kashmir to Pakistan in exchange of Junagarh and Hyderabad. But, he added, Pakistan unfortunately didn’t accept this offer with the result that it not only lost all three native states but East Pakistan as well.’

It did not end here. To compensate for the lack of vision and leadership, anti India narrative was built up slowly gradually through mosques, newsprint and textbooks. The Kashmir we could have got easily and politically was made hard to get perhaps just for this purpose to win the battle lost to the short sightedness. And then Pakistan saw unprecedented support and promotion of Jihad for Kashmir. With every passing year it became a popular slogan and found many people joining the Jihad for Kashmir and the proxy religious parties tasked to promote the anti India and Pro Pakistan narrative in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. And for that the real spirit of the Jihad was twisted to suit the purpose. The reputation of word Jihad was tarnished for vested interests. The people were enticed in the name of religion and that they will be martyred and will get seventy two beautiful nymphs (hoors) in heaven, misleading them once again. Perhaps they themselves were unaware or purposely hid it from the masses. People started following it blindly without realising that let heaven be heaven and the fact that human body is formed of seventy two parts.

The slogans ‘Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan’, ‘Kashmir is Pakistan’s jugular vein’ and ‘Kashmir will become independent’ became so much popular that even shopkeeper’s had it displayed as ‘No credit until Kashmir become independent.’ It didn’t take long for the genius to understand how vital Kashmir was for our rivers especially after martial law administrator Ayub Khan sold control of three rivers to India under Indus Water Treaty. It is a fact that the water coming from the rocks refused by Liaquat Ali Khan has been a major source for the remaining rivers of Pakistan – an agriculture based economy. Pakistan must be ruing that why Liaquat Ali Khan refused Kashmir when offered? Zulfikar Ali Bhutto went public about it. But instead of politically correcting the mistake we preferred to go the way which brought a bad name to the country. Even though some efforts were made by the civilian governments but like Jawaharlal Nehru said when Pakistan chose the way of a referendum that the bilateral discussion are not the solution of Kashmir dispute. India strangely has shown more reluctance than Pakistan, perhaps they followed Nehru’s words to the letter.

Pakistan spent billions of rupees, lost many lives in the process but failed miserably to make the world understand its narrative. India successfully propagated Pakistan as the sponsors of terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir and continued to accuse Pakistan of infiltrating in the disputed territory. We only got mere words from the world after years of fighting our case and reminding them of their responsibility and the role they must play to have a referendum in Kashmir. One reason could be our diplomatic failure. India despite the brutalities, atrocities, pelting stones on innocent Kashmiris and killings in the Indian Occupied Kashmir escaped any charge. In fact India was able to get the world behind while accusing Pakistan of meddling in IOK. The world has only ever softly condemned Indian brutality but never dared to reprimand India of dire consequences. Pakistan however has always been on the receiving end.

On 5th August 2019 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi fulfilled the promise he made during his election campaign and repealed Article 370 and section 35A via Presidential order to make IOK India’s Union Territory. He surprised Pakistan and the rest of the world with the urgency shown. This happened within days of US President Trump’s offer to mediate between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir question during the meeting with Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan in Washington. As if the rebuttal from India was not enough that PM Narendra Modi never asked President Trump to mediate to solve the Kashmir dispute, Modi quietly made IOK a Union Territory. Modi’s action caught Pakistan unaware as we were busy celebrating the proclaimed successful tour of United States of America. It created uproar within Pakistan and the IOK. And so begin the curfew, media blackout, atrocities and brutal killings in IOK by the India army increased in numbers days before the Article 370 was repealed. No words are enough to express the plight of Kashmiri people who has been through the worst inhumane and uncalled torture. History however dictates that the occupier had always resorted to such actions just to prove their power and subjugate people by force.

Three days later, reacting to Indian action Pakistan cut all its diplomatic and trade ties. Pakistan vowed to raise the issue in the United Nations Security Council and elsewhere. But since 5th August every other country is suggesting that it’s India’s internal matter and that Pakistan and India should solve this matter bilaterally. This has left Pakistan alone in battling the surprise of Modi and its impact in the region. Even the countries we back as our friend has not come out in our support, leaving us stranded. At this critical juncture our diplomatic and foreign policy failed again. And whoever is making it should reconsider the policy or maybe give up on it and let those qualified to do the job. So, where all of this leaves us as a nation whose years old narrative stands rejected by the world? Something ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pointed out the infamous ‘Dawn leaks’ of October 2016 that we must put our house in order otherwise the world will not trust us. But instead of paying heed to what the three times Prime Minister was saying, we chose the easy way and called him a traitor.

As of now Pakistan is attempting to get the world behind it to force India to upend the annulment of Article 370 and section 35A. Which is highly unlikely at the moment and such actions indicate crying over spilt milk. What Pakistan must do at the moment is to ensure peace in IOK (now India’s Union Territory) so the life there can come to a normal course. We must engage with India diplomatically through the world and persuade to bring a halt to the atrocities and killings in the newly made Union Territory. This should be the first and foremost priority. Once this is achieved then the state should look to save the Azad Kashmir which after the status of IOK as Union Territory through Presidential order has become a working boundary. We must invest all our energies towards this and must refrain from hate speeches and actions as it will only create problems for already battering Kashmiri people.

United Nations Resolution 1948

Jihad in Perspective

Jihad is the most propagandist and misunderstood phenomenon today, mostly linked with war and killing of the non Muslims in the Name of Allah. Mostly Jihad is being categorized in four forms; Jihad of the heart, Jihad of the tongue, Jihad by the hand and Jihad by sword. Many scholars believe that it is the sixth pillar of Islam because so much impetus has been given in Quran on the subject. Many books have been written on Jihad and there are many Hadith being quoted to support the theory that Jihad is nothing but the war against non-believers.

The other term Jihad is being largely politicized to support respective causes. Scholar David Cook has pointed out the same dilemma. He says that, “In reading Muslim literature — both contemporary and classical — one can see that the evidence for the primacy of spiritual jihad is negligible. Today it is certain that no Muslim, writing in a non-Western language (such as Arabic, Persian, and Urdu), would ever make claims that jihad is primarily non-violent or has been superseded by the spiritual jihad.”

Whether it is fighting in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine and elsewhere in the world everybody claims that their war is Jihad. The existence of the word Jihad came to prominence in the late 1980s when the United States of America wanted to defeat the Russians in their war against the Afghans. They politicized the word Jihad for their own benefit and made every effort to spread it across Afghanistan. USA succeeded in building up a force of Afghans — the infamous Taliban. With the help of Taliban they kicked Russia, the then super power, out of Afghanistan, which also resulted in the disintegration of USSR (Union of Soviet Socialists Republic).

One of the reasons behind all the prevailing misconception of the word Jihad is the translation of the Holy Quran by the religious scholars, which leads one to believe that Jihad is about war and the killing of the polytheists with sword. Most of the translations fail to differentiate between the Arabic word Qital and Jihad. The word Qital in Holy Quran is specifically used for killing which for some strange reasons is being overlapped with the term Jihad essentially derived from the word Johad. The fundamental meaning of the word Johad is to work hard, strive and make every effort to achieve the target or destination you have set for yourself. Whatever you do to pull off the particular target comes under the umbrella of Johad.

In Arabic language this word, as far as the meaning is concerned, has no demarcation and limitation; the connotation will remain the same no matter how much you enlarge the canvas. Ideally, the human being should establish the best meaning of this word for himself. In a way, that there should be no better goal and target in sight than the one he sets for himself. And after that whatever hard work he will do and all the steps he will take to achieve that target will come under the term Johad.

In nutshell, Jihad is basically to do your utmost to achieve the goal, target and the purpose of life you have determined for yourself. Therefore, a thief stealing, a murderer killing, an adulterer committing adultery, a drinker getting drunk or the effort a person to earn for his living all could in literal sense be constituted as Jihad.

However, we should keep in mind the Will of The Owner and The Creator of The Universe, God. He has sent us a message through the Holy Quran as to what the real purpose of our creation is: “Look, you were not born all by yourself but by My Will and Affection. There is a universal and centralized purpose behind your creation and your existence in this mortal world, and that is to worship Him (Allah) so that you can achieve the target of understanding the Magnificence of your True Lord.”

This word worship in reality is a pact of life; nothing else but striving towards the achievement of a goal. While offering prayers or fasting or giving away Zakat there is a definite intention behind doing all this which is to become successful and stand tall before The Owner and The Creator. To achieve this goal, some desire that they don’t get punishment and for some it is the reward but there are certain people, who neither want punishment nor have a desire for reward; in their opinion, the driving force behind the deeds they perform or intent to perform is to seek the blessings of Allah and that He be pleased with them. This class has very few people, though. However, if we look closely in to all the three classes, we will find out that the goals of all three are different. Now to achieve their own goals whatever effort, hard work and the steps they will take all will come under the definition of the word Johad.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) always taught His followers to come out of the league of Asfala Saafleen and try to become Adam, once you have grown to be Adam, commence the journey towards becoming human. Bring to light those abilities, within yourself, which The Creator and The Owner of the Universe Has granted you, the abilities you were created to express and highlight. It is neither the purpose nor the meaning of His Creation that you simply come in to this fatal world eat and drink, have kids, spend 50-60 years and leave the world. This is not the underlying principle of life and it should never be. Life has a distinctive purpose which every person determines it for him.

With the advent of Islam the very first desire was to not only enter in to peace and serenity but also pass on and preach this message of peace in its true form and spirit to others and win over them. Unfortunately, during the lifetime of Muhammad (PBUH) the non-believers always made the first offensive move in order to snub this thought and message presented by him. Still, the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) never took the sword in his hand. The first acts of violence by the disbelievers each time forced him to align his companions, particularly in Badar (The first battle between the believers of truth (Islam) and the forces of evil was fought on the battle field of Badar, 60 miles (96.56 km) from Medina towards Makkah) where the non Muslims resolved to finish them all, stop the message of peace and impede the preaching of it. At that time only three out of his three hundred and thirteen Companions had a sword and that too was their personal. (It was a norm in Arab civilization that those who could afford kept arms.) Others were holding sticks and pieces of wood just for the purpose of self-defence. Among them, there were some people who only had twigs in their hands. The historical fact is that Muslims, in those times, had no official arms and ammunition for war as a rule, community and government.

There is no doubt and this has to be admitted today that their march for defence in the war of Badar was in fact a giant leap towards the achievement of the goal. And the goal was to have Almighty’s concurrence and to spread His message and state it publicly and if required, lay down their lives for the cause. Whether it is about their own self or of the others they will enlighten them with The True Message, and they will not allow anyone to challenge and subjugate them in their mission. By and large there was no such intention of killing anyone behind this commitment. It is a historic fact that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never opted for a war, be it the battle of Badar, Uhad (Mount Uhud is a mountain in north of Medina. It is 1,077 m (3,533.46 ft) high) or Khandaq (the battle of Trench), it was always imposed on him and for the purpose of self-defence only he used to suggest his Companions to get aligned and march towards the oppressors in order to stop them from entering the city area. This happened in Badar as well as in Uhad. But by the time of the third war, Khandaq, the non-believers have increased in numbers and it was felt that if the Muslims will stride towards them, they might not be able to stop. At that time Suleiman Farsi (A.S) put forward the proposal of creating a Khandaq around the city to halt the movement of the assailants towards the city area. These tactics were for the self-protection only; by any chance, there was no intention of killing people with sword and one fail to find any such instance throughout the sacred life span of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

As a matter of fact, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) indeed lead from the front, but it was only to motivate the people, who were with him to safeguard their own self and the city area, with just one aim; that in whatever shape they have received this blessing from The Creator and The Owner of The Universe, which has enabled them to recognize their best possible goals and targets, they should achieve it comes what may. They shall not give anyone a chance to suppress them and stop them from marching towards their goal, and they should defend themselves; which nowadays is being perceived as the Jihad of sword. This did happen but the motives behind it were not the one being presented today.

In an incident, authenticated by many religious scholars, when the Prophet’s Companions returned victorious from the war of Badar, they humbly informed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that, they have accomplished the greater Jihad (Jihad-e-Akbar). Today whatever they have done was to achieve that goal and the destination envisaged by him for which they were willing to sacrifice their lives. At that point in time Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stopped them and said, “do not think like this, whatever you have done today is Jihad but of lesser category. Come; I will guide you about the greater Jihad (Jihad-e-Akbar).” Bewildered, all of them asked, “Is there another form of Jihad as well?” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied, “Yes. The greater Jihad is to suppress the temptations which arise within your own self and to abstain from doing what is not required or to act the way it should not have been; striving for it is the real target and goal and make your best effort to achieve it. It is not a matter of one time only but this endeavour is for every single breath you breathe and the moment you live. The achievement of this goal in reality is greater Jihad.”

While explaining what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said to his companions after the war of Badar, Ali (A.S) said that, “encumber on your own self and suppress all the emerging wrongful temptations. Once they will be suppressed, you will be able to get acquainted with your own self and this acquaintance will finally form the basis of the understanding of the Magnificence of Almighty Allah.” So the foundation of this greater Jihad, as explained by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), is the resolve and the struggle which a person undertakes to achieve the self-determined goal of his life. But, if a person unfortunately chooses an insignificant and wrong target, neither he will be able to succeed before his True Lord in the hereafter, nor he will be able to proclaim that I have done the greater Jihad.

Today, whatever type of Jihad is doing rounds and the way this sacred word is being misused, this innovation/extemporization in the true form and spirit of Jihad is our own creation. It would not be wrong if I say that this innovation has not come from the true believers but from the Zionist forces. In their effort to not only tarnish this sacred word and its sanctified meaning, they have instilled this new aspect of Jihad in our hearts fearing that the believers of the message of Holy Prophet (PBUH) would die after this holy word Jihad. They contrived a plan to abuse this word so much and present it in such a form to leave even the upright people puzzled and to reach a point where they too would start fearing and won’t come close to it. This is in fact part of a very big international conspiracy. The Jihad of sword and all that is being currently orchestrated by the agencies in the name of Jihad is not even slightly close to real spirit of Islam, the same religion, which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) presented and spread for the betterment of mankind. It is impossible to find even a hint of what is happening nowadays in the whole life span of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The proponents of this innovation should come forward to prove and show at least one incident where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has ever said these words, “Annihilate the community of disbelievers.” The philosophy of Muhammad (PBUH) was that the non-believers should be allowed to live peacefully so that the True Message could reach them or be preached to them.

At Ta’if (a city in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia), the ingrates did so much harm to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that his holy eyes filled with blood. It is an authenticated Hadith that at that time Angel Gabriel came and said, “If you permit I can crush the town by slamming the mountain of Uhad on it.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “No. If, there is one such person among them who understands my message, I can forgive them all for the sake of him.” Gabriel said, “I have got it confirmed from Allah, there is no one among them who understands your message.” He maintained that, “If anyone from their offspring understands my message, I can forgive them all for the sake of him.” Gabriel once again said, “There is no one in their offspring who understands your message.” Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “If there is anyone among the child of their offspring who listen to my message, I can stop this action for his sake.”

Now look at this incident with a different approach. Gabriel possessed supernatural power, the kind of concept we get today in the Superman, Spiderman type movies, and the one who has decisive control over this activity is Apostle of Allah Muhammad (PBUH) and the moment he will wish that the mountain befall on them, the one who will do this activity will instantaneously show up and take out the orders. The state of pain He (PBUH) was in, drenched in blood, any other person in this situation would have easily got upset and said, “Do it”, but despite the immense pain Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) forgave them, just to achieve his objective. With this level of forgiveness and passion for the achievement of the target, how can Muhammad (PBUH) utter the directive of massacre, it looks impossible.

Nowadays, these words, that “He preached Islam using the sword” are inventively associated towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Those who say that must also prove this, that from where they have got this indication, because in the true life span of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) there is no such reference available. Even a person who possesses very little knowledge about the religion Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cannot even dare to say these words, then from where we are making up these stories. All of this is in fact being injected and projected by means of an international conspiracy. They force people to keep beard and make them learn the Islamic declaration of faith (Kalimah), and then ask them to carry out certain activities. It has happened in the past where some people have blown themselves after saying “Allah-o-Akbar” (All the Greatness is for Almighty Allah). It is all part of a very dubious sort of planning. In reality these people don’t know anything about Allah and His Greatness.

A person, who gets to know Allah, even in bits, cannot imagine doing such heinous act. The manner in which the Most Affectionate Has Created the whole Universe and the way He provides the means of livelihood to every living being, even to the insects, bacteria, viruses, as well as animals, birds, fishes, human beings etc., irrespective of their actions. No matter how sinful or pious someone is He keeps providing the means for him to live. The True Lord Has His Own Philosophy and Method. Almighty could never appreciate one of His Creation holding up a sword and killing the other one in the name of Jihad; the holy word, the significance of which has been lucidly explained in the Holy Quran. In fact so much importance is given to ‘Jihad’ that the Almighty Himself mentioned in Quran that those who carry out Jihad gratify Him, and He likes their gratification and call them benefactors. In fact, it is mentioned in the Quran that those who carry out Jihad gratify Allah. And the Owner and Creator of The Universe in Quran Himself say that they are benevolent.

The entire judicious minds of the world have accepted this fact that the victory of Mecca was the biggest triumph in the human history. The biggest victory of the world, the largest event on the face of the earth and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was standing in the middle with nothing in his hand not even a stick, let alone the sword. Although it would have been very easy to cut the heads of the non-believers who were genuflected at that time and no one could have questioned this act as the Muslims were victorious. It was an easy task; as compared to the vandalism of the non-believers. Since, Muhammad (PBUH) had a definite purpose and being Blessing for the whole Universe, Holy Prophet (PBUH) spread the words of peace and tranquility for the agnostics instead of using the sword.

We have so many names in the history who did what Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t, as triumphant they could not control themselves and used sword, arms and ammunition to kill the people; like Changhez Khan, Halaku Khan, Adolf Hitler etc. We don’t count them as Jihad but when someone lifts a sword or a rifle here, it is unanimously called Jihad. This is most unfortunate but to accept this is our fault, and we are all responsible for it; those who are getting stained by this, those who are suffering because of it and those who are quiet and not doing anything.

If only we could understand the correct meaning of ‘Jihad’, in a manner that we could be aware of the true form and spirit of the concept. God Willing, all these people who study and comprehend the topic will spread that knowledge to other people around them and within the community. We need this to happen, in order to get rid of the root cause of this menace that comes from the wrong interpretation of Jihad.

Terrorism – Myth & Reality

One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter

One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter

Terrorism is defined by the U.S. Department of Defense as “the unlawful use of — or threatened use of — force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.”

The definition of the term in the Oxford Concise Dictionary of Politics Continue reading